Is Alex Beresford Gay? What Is the Sexuality of English Weathercaster?

Is Alex Beresford gay? Alexander Beresford, the familiar face on our screens as an English weather presenter employed by ITV, has captured the public’s attention not only for his professional career but also for his personal life.

Beresford, hailing from Bristol, England, embodies a blend of English and Guyanese heritage, reflecting the rich diversity of his background.

Growing up in the Eastville area of Bristol and attending St Thomas More RC School, now known as Fairfield High School, he has roots firmly planted in his hometown.

However, with the constant presence of television cameras, Beresford’s personal life is often thrust into the spotlight, leading to a swirl of rumors circulating on the internet regarding his sexual orientation.

In this article, we delve into the details to uncover the truth about this aspect of the TV personality’s life.

Is Alex Beresford Gay?

is alex beresford gay

No, Alex Beresford is not gay. Despite the persistent rumors and speculation swirling around the internet, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim that Alex Beresford is gay.

It’s important to note that such rumors can often be fueled by a variety of factors, including his frequent presence in the media and the availability of numerous shirtless pictures online, which may have piqued the interest of some individuals.

However, it’s essential to rely on reliable information and facts when discussing someone’s sexual orientation.

While Beresford has chosen to keep his sexuality private and has not publicly addressed the topic, his dating history and relationships seem to strongly suggest that his sexual orientation is straight.

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Who Is Alex Beresford Married To?

is alex beresford gay

Alex Beresford is happily married to his wife Imogen McKay. After being paired up on a blind date by a mutual acquaintance, the two started dating in August 2020.

Two years later, on New Year’s Day, Alex proposed on a beach in Deia, Mallorca, to the woman. They returned to Mallorca in September 2022 to tie the knot at the breathtaking Son Marroig estate’s beautiful clifftop temple.

The couple had not anticipated that their September 19 wedding would coincide with the official burial of the late Queen Elizabeth, even though they had planned their wedding nine months in advance.

The morning of his wedding, Alex began the festivities with a heartfelt homage to the king. “I woke up super early and watched the start of it (the funeral) on TV in a café in the village,” he claimed, elaborating on his “tribute.”

Cruz, Alex’s ex-boyfriend, served as the ring bearer and his little best man. His brother and cousin served as ushers, while Alex’s two best pals, Leon, served as his best men.

The presenter disclosed that Alex couldn’t suppress his emotions as he watched Imogen coming down the aisle, so it wasn’t just his son who warmed his heart.

He said to Hello! magazine: “When I turned to watch Imogen walking towards me, my heart skipped a beat. She looked amazing, so classically beautiful, and exactly as I’d imagined.”

The weatherman continued by stating that his cousin thought the ceremony was “like being in a movie,” but that “marrying the woman he loves” was the most significant aspect of their day. Imogen concurred that seeing Alex at the altar made her feel very emotional.

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Who Was Alex Beresford Previously Married To?

is alex beresford gay

Before his marriage to Imogen, Alex had a long-term relationship with his former girlfriend, Natalia Beresford, which came to an end in late 2019.

Interestingly, they decided to continue living together, but Natalia, along with their eight-year-old son Cruz, moved out just two weeks before the first lockdown was imposed.

This period proved to be quite lonely and isolating for Alex, who never anticipated being single at the age of 40. In a candid conversation on the Get Britain Talking podcast, he shared his feelings about the unexpected turn in his life, saying:

“It’s been quite a journey. At 20, I didn’t imagine I’d be facing this situation as I approached 40. I don’t feel old, but it’s a bit daunting. With lockdown, even if I wanted to go on a date, it wasn’t possible.

I don’t want to grow old alone; life is meant to be shared. I hope to meet someone in the future, but they have to be the right fit for me and for Cruz.”

Alex also revealed the challenges he faced when Natalia had to self-isolate for 14 days, making it impossible for him to see Cruz. He described this time as “really lonely” but emphasized his strength was derived from the support of the people around him.

He went on to explain the decision to part ways with Natalia, saying, “I’m not one to give up easily, and I despise quitting. We tried to work things out, but eventually, you realize that walking away is the best choice for everyone, although it’s never an easy decision.”

Alex and Natalia continued living in the same house until the beginning of the following year, even though they knew they were parting ways. He recognized that taking their time to figure things out was crucial, as rushing wasn’t an option.

Surprisingly, being in the same house, knowing they weren’t together, allowed them to get along better, alleviating the stress and expectations that often come with a relationship.

Alex emphasized the importance of opening up and talking to someone about what one is going through during such challenging times.