Alex G. Proudly Comes Out as Bisexual and Announces Engagement To Girlfriend!

Fans’ speculation about the sexual orientation of the YouTube singer Alex G has made her a recent trend. The musician has aroused curiosity about her sexual preference.

Because of countless rumors, her supporters are uncertain as to whether she is gay or not. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re one of them too! Learn all there is to know about Alex’s sexual preferences’ true motives!

Is Alex G. Gay?

Singer-songwriter Alex Blue is currently based in Michigan. She also goes by the name Alex G. Alex G, who has more than 1.5 million subscribers, ranked her among the top ten LGBTQ female YouTubers after she came out as bisexual. With 7.2 million subscribers, bisexual YouTuber Eva Gutowski is currently in the first place.

When Alex started her channel in 2010, she played covers, including some very well-liked ones of “Roar” and “Thrift Shop,” and she immediately gained a sizable fan base.

In 2012, she put out her first EP, “Found,” and in 2014, she put out her debut album, “Growing Up,” which peaked at number 24 on the iTunes Pop Chart. Five tracks from her concept EP “Share Your Story,” which she published this year, were based on intimate fan stories.

Is Alex G. Gay?

Is Alex G. Gay?

Alex G Is a Bisexual Woman. Bisexual woman Alex G. Alex G had been bisexual since she was 13 years old, but she chose to “avoid it” because of her “strange religious background.” Of course, she was unable to. She continued to harbor crushes on famous women.

She had to begin confronting a part of herself that she had always believed to be sinful. But ultimately, she let go of all her preconceived notions and began to accept herself. She kept a journal, wept in therapy, and penned numerous songs throughout the process.

Alex stated that she wishes to embrace and broaden her bisexual identity in order to combat the stigma associated with it.

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Is Alex G. Single?

Is Alex G. Gay?

Alex G. is not a single person. In a YouTube video that she posted on August 1, 2018, Alex introduced her girlfriend to her followers. According to her “I’M ENGAGED (Relationship Vlog) | Alex G” video, she is currently engaged to a woman by the name of Torri.

Very little is  known about her girlfriend, but it is confirmed that they met during a Women’s Church retreat in the mountains. Supporters are ecstatic for the couple. Those who have been listening to Alex’s music for years and have grown up with it simply adore his career turnaround. One of Alex’s supporters said in a comment that,

“I watched your videos when I was about 8 years old and just randomly stopped following, really anyone. I come back and I see that you’ve embraced your sexuality and are engaged to a woman, and it’s beautiful. I find it funny because I was just a lil kid watching your videos for music and such and looked up to you, and surprise, I’m bi too. At 15 and rewatching one of my favorite creators from when I was younger, it’s incredible to see how you’ve become who you are today. Congrats xx.”

While the other commented,

“Watching your bi journey while going through my own has been so incredible. Congratulations to both of you; I’m so happy for you!!!!”

Alex has been creating amazing music for years and will certainly continue to do so. Alex continues to motivate people not only as a musician but also as an LGBTQ+ member.

Alex G’s Dating History

Is Alex G. Gay?

We don’t know if Alex has dated anyone in the past because she didn’t divulge anything regarding them to her admirers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alex G

Who is Alex G?

Alex G is a singer-songwriter living in Michigan.

What is Alex G’s Real Name?

Alex G is known by the real name Alex Blue.

Is Alex G. Gay?

No, Alex G is bisexual.

Who is Alex G’s Girlfriend?

In a YouTube video that she posted on August 1, 2018, Alex introduced her girlfriend to her followers. She revealed to her followers that she is dating Torri.

Who is Alex G’s Boyfriend?

Alex G isn’t dating a guy currently, but she does date a woman by the name of Torri. As she hasn’t shared a lot of information with her fans about her dating life, she hasn’t been known to date any men in the past, although she claims that she is bisexual.

Is Alex G. Married?

No, Alex G is not married as of March 2023.

Did Alex G Win a Grammy?

No, as of March 2023, Alex G hasn’t won a Grammy.

What Is Alex G’s Net Worth?

According to Net Worth Spot, Alex G has an estimated net worth of $100,000.