Is Alison Hammond Pregnant? A Closer Look at The Speculation and Speculation’s Impact on Her Life!!

Is Alison Hammond Pregnant? Alison Hammond is known for being really funny. There was a time when she almost fell into the Thames River while she was live on the TV show “This Morning.” She even accidentally pushed someone dressed as a sailor into the water with her.

Another time, she made actors Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford laugh a lot during an interview because of her funny and chatty way of talking. She has a way of making people laugh, and it’s just so much fun to be around her.

That’s why it’s a bit confusing that many newspapers have been writing stories saying that Alison is going to have another baby. In this article, we will take a closer look at this rumor to find out if it’s true or not.

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Is Alison Hammond Pregnant? The Rumors Surrounding Alison Hammond’s Pregnancy in 2023!!

is alison hammond pregnant

Alison Hammond is not going to have a baby. She made a funny comment on a TV show where she pretended to be pregnant. 

It all started when she was listening to a 50-year-old lady who said she was going to have a baby. Alison Hammond thought this was so amusing that she raised her hands and happily told the people watching the show, “I’m having a baby!” 

Her co-host Dermot joined in the fun and congratulated her, saying it was great news and a big surprise to announce it on the show. But, here’s the key thing: Alison was just making a joke.

She wasn’t really going to have a baby. This is why some people started to talk about Alison being pregnant, but it’s just a misunderstanding because she was having some fun on TV.

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Unveiling Alison Hammond’s Personal Life: Exploring Her Marital Status and Family!!

is alison hammond pregnant

Alison isn’t married right now. Before, she was married to a taxi driver named Noureddine Boufaied. They have a teenage son named Aiden together, but they got divorced, which means they decided not to be married anymore.

After that, in 2014, she was going to get married again to a security guard named Jamie Savage. But in 2017, Alison told everyone that she and Jamie weren’t going to get married anymore, so they decided to go their separate ways.

Now, Alison is living with her son, Aiden. But she wants to keep Aiden away from the public eye, so you don’t see him in the spotlight or on TV. She wants to make sure he has a normal, private life.