Is Alya in Coronation Street Pregnant? Is it Real Life or Just on Coronation Street?

Is Alya in Coronation Street Pregnant? Sair Khan is famous for her role as Alya Nazir in Coronation Street. She’s 34 years old and joined the show in 2014, becoming a well-known part of the cast. 

On the show, her character Alya had a tough time in her love life, leaving her controlling husband Geoff and taking him to court. However, in her real life, Sair has had better luck in the love department.

In this article, we will look into Sair Khan’s dating life. But, Sair Khan’s dating life is not the only thing fans are interested in. Recently, a lot of her fans have been trying to look for the answer to a pregnancy rumor. So, let’s dive into the information and explore her pregnancy if there is any.

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Is Alya in Coronation Street Pregnant in Real Life? The Truth About Sair Khan’s Pregnancy!!

is alya in coronation street pregnant in real life

Coronation Street actress Sair Khan has said that the rumors about her being pregnant are not true. But where did these rumors come from? 

Well, it all started when Sair Khan shared a picture on social media where she was holding her stomach, and some people thought she might be pregnant. 

She was just posting about her birthday celebration during a weekend trip by a lake with her best friend. But that one photo made some fans wonder if she was going to have a baby. She replied to one of her fan’s comments: 

“OMG I’M NOT PREGNANT!! That was a terrible choice of picture to post. It was just a food baby but I thought I looked cute.”

“Genuinely not [pregnant]. I just really enjoyed my fish and chips at lunch.”

Someone else mentioned that they thought Sair Khan looked pregnant on Coronation Street a few days ago, and she made a playful comment, saying that TV cameras can make people look heavier. 

To make it even clearer that she’s not expecting a baby, the captions on her picture collection include hashtags like #notpregnant and #foodbaby.

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Sair Khan’s Character Alya in Coronation Street Takes Center Stage in Storyline!!

is alya in coronation street pregnant in real life

In Coronation Street, Sair Khan’s character Alya is currently part of a storyline involving a not-so-trustworthy Bistro owner named Ray Crosby. Initially, Alya supported Ray, but Bethany Platt has made it clear that she doesn’t trust him.

It took some time, but this week, Alya finally realized Ray’s true intentions.

On another note, Alya has been suspicious of her grandmother Yasmeen’s boyfriend, Geoff Metcalfe, for a long time. He has been trying to control Yasmeen’s life. After some investigation, Alya will soon discover some evidence that could expose Geoff’s questionable past.

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Sair Khan: Exploring Her Love Life and Family Loss!!

is alya in coronation street pregnant in real life

She used to go out with another actor named Simon Lennon. They both were part of the National Youth Theatre and met at a special event celebrating the organization’s 60th anniversary, which took place at Buckingham Palace. Sair later shared the story of how they got together:

“A load of ex-members were invited to that evening at Buckingham Palace, so we met through a mutual friend that he’s in Our Girl with. Sadly, the Queen wasn’t there.”

Sair Khan used to date actor Simon Lennon, known for his roles in shows like Emmerdale and Our Girl. They met when Simon came to greet Sair after her time on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” in 2018. 

Despite her early exit from the show, Sair did really well by winning all the stars available during her time in the jungle. However, their relationship didn’t last, and they broke up in 2019 due to their busy work schedules.

Sadly, in the same year, Sair shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram that her beloved mother had passed away.

She mentioned feeling connected to her mother and believing that she watches over her. After her tough breakup and the loss of her mother, Sair managed to rebuild her life. 

She even took on new challenges, like learning to swim on TV for Channel 4’s “Sink or Swim.” In 2021, she found love again with chiropractor Nathan Chilton, whom she reportedly met through a mutual friend. They made their relationship public in 2021, but they met towards the end of 2020.