Is Alyssa From Charles And Alyssa Pregnant? Another Prank Or Is It True?

Is Alyssa from Charles and Alyssa pregnant? Charles and Alyssa run their ‘Couple YouTube channel’, which goes by the name, Charles & Alyssa Forever. Alyssa joined the channel in 2018 and the couple has been going strong since then. Their YouTube channel is surely growing with their relationship, with currently 2.08 million subscribers.

The rumors of Alyssa’s pregnancy have been an on-and-off thing since the couple first uploaded a prank video on their YouTube channel in 2019.

Is Alyssa really pregnant this time or is it just a rumour? Keep reading the article till the end to uncover the truth behind Alyssa’s pregnancy news.

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Is Alyssa From Charles And Alyssa Pregnant?

is alyssa from charles and alyssa pregnant

No, Alyssa from Charles and Alyssa is not pregnant. Not for now at least. The news about Alyssa from Charles and Alyssa being pregnant is fake.

The couple posted a video titled ‘24 HOURS BEING PREGNANT WITH TWINS‘ on their YouTube channel, leaving the fans wheezing. However, it was just a prank.

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Are Charles and Alyssa Married?

The two have been dating since 2018. Charles is four years older than Alyssa and the two have been giving us couple goals since they began dating. However, bad news for the shippers, the two are not yet married.

In fact, the couple is not planning to get married anytime soon. The video they post about being engaged got their subscribers’ hopes high but the two are just living their dating era as of now.

is alyssa from charles and alyssa pregnant

We’ll keep you posted with further details on Alyssa’s pregnancy. Till then, let’s wish the best for the couple and keep on watching their videos on YouTube.