Is Amanda Setton Pregnant? The Truth Behind Amanda Setton’s Alleged Pregnancy!

Amanda Setton is an actress from America. She is recognized for her roles as Penelope Shafai on The CW’s adolescent drama Gossip Girl, Kimberly Andrews on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, and Brook Lynn Quartermaine on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Late in 2011, she made her Off-Broadway debut in the comedy play Love, Loss, and What I Wore and appeared in the first half of season one of The Mindy Project on Fox.

How Did Amanda Setton Grow Up?

is amanda setton pregnant

Amanda Setton was born in New York City on December 16, 1985, and she grew up in Great Neck, where she served as vice president of her high school’s drama society. She is Jewish and of Sephardic (Syrian) and Ashkenazi (Austrian) Jewish descent.

Setton graduated from Ithaca College in 2007 with a specialization in drama. In her junior year, she participated in an IES program in Barcelona, Spain. Eliza VanCort instructed Setton through a two-year Meisner technique program at The Actor’s Workshop of Ithaca.

Is Amanda Setton Pregnant?

is amanda setton pregnant

Amanda Setton, the actress who plays Brook Lynn on General Hospital, has been pregnant in the past but as of April 2023, she’s not expecting a baby right now. She took a break from the soap opera in August 2020 to have her third child and Briana Lane filled in for her role temporarily to play Brook Lynn in the soap opera General Hospital.

Amanda Setton’s Love Life

is amanda setton pregnant

While it is known that Amanda is married, she has not disclosed any information about her spouse, such as his name, how they met, when they exchanged vows or the births of their children.

Amanda and her spouse have three children, the most recent of whom was born in late 2020. However, the details of their children, including their names, are unknown to the media.

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Professional Career of Amanda Setton

is amanda setton pregnant

Amanda portrayed Hot Woman in the 2008 romantic comedy “What Happens in Vegas” She appeared in the romantic comedy “Sex and the City” later that same year.

In the drama “All the World’s a Stage,” she also portrayed the Assistant Director. She appeared in the 2013 comedy-drama “That Thing with the Cat.” In 2015, she also appeared in the family drama thriller “Black Dog, Red Dog.”

In the 2010 drama “Mercy,” she made her television debut. In the 2011 mystery-crime drama “Blue Bloods,” she portrayed Sylvia. She portrayed Kimberly Andrews in the “One Life to Live” romantic drama. It lasted from 1968 until 2013. In 2014, she appeared on “Hawaii Five-0,” a crime drama. Also in 2016 was the romantic horror drama “Beauty and the Beast.”

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She portrays a character in the romantic comedy-drama “General Hospital.” It has been transmitted since 1963. And since 2019, has had more than 6,700 episodes. The internet is rife with rumors that the couple met during Amanda’s senior year of college and exchanged vows in the early 2010s, but this has not been confirmed.