Is Amy Slaton Pregnant Again? Find Out The Truth Behind The Rumors

Is Amy Slaton Pregnant Again: Amy Slaton is a famous American YouTuber and television personality who is well known to appear with her sister on YouTube where she creates makeup and food-related videos.

Recently news has been making rounds that the famous social media star is pregnant and other sources conclude that she is not pregnant. Fans of the personality have been curious and would like to know the truth behind the rumors.

This article is all you need to know about Amy Slaton as well as the truth behind her pregnancy rumors.

Who Is Amy Slaton?

is amy slaton pregnant again

Amy Slaton is a famous YouTube Personality and television star. She is known to have a YouTube page where she posts videos on makeup and food products. She and her sister created the YouTube page in 2011 and the account has seen significant growth with over 238k Subscribers.

Is Amy Slaton Pregnant?

is amy slaton pregnant again

No, Amy Slaton is currently not pregnant nor is she expecting a child. The rumors currently going around that she is pregnant are false as she is not expecting any child. The YouTube star has also not given any hints or information that she is pregnant.

However, Amy Slaton might be pregnant but it is best to let her reveal her pregnancy status. Like most celebrities, Amy Slaton has been very reserved about revealing details of her relationships to the public but her recent break up with her childhood boyfriend has seen the famous YouTube star happy and excited.

Who is Amy Slaton Dating?

is amy slaton pregnant again

Amy Slaton is currently single and not in any relationship at the moment. The famous American YouTube star was however previously married to her secondary school lover Micheal Halterman. The pair dated for a long time before they decided to tie the knot in 2019.

However, Amy Slaton recently revealed that they have gone their separate ways. The reason for their break up was not stated.

Early Life

is amy slaton pregnant again

Amy Slaton was born on October 28, 1987, in Kentucky United States of America. She was born and raised in the United States of America her ethnicity is Caucasian and she is a Christian.

She attended a local high school in Kentucky before she picked up an interest in being an influencer. She worked hard and her efforts were crowned with a lot of followers on her social media handles. She has grown to be a famous social media personality and influencer.

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is amy slaton pregnant again

Amy Slaton alongside her sister Tammy appeared on the TLC show 100Lb Sisters. Amy Slaton and her sister wanted to lose more weight so that they will be able to undergo a bariatric medical procedure. The show was followed up by the series My 600Lb Life.

During the show, Amy Slaton revealed the reason for their overweight. She stated that she had a normal weight when growing up until the death of her grandmother at 10. Due to her mother having 4 different places their mother was not able to give them home-prepared meals so they had to rely on bundled food.

is amy slaton pregnant again

The abnormal globbing of those foods caused the sisters to have an excessive weight gain that they had never imagined. The show features the two sisters going for a medical specialist who gives them advice and diet.

During the show, the sisters were able to get along and relied on each other to be able to lose weight. Even though the sisters needed solid propensities they soon discovered that it was not an easy task for them to complete. The show aired for three seasons and was a hit.

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Amy Slaton’s Net Worth

is amy slaton pregnant again

Amy Slaton currently has an estimated net worth of about $250 thousand. Her net worth is a result of her success as a social media influencer as well as her appearance in the famous TLC show 1000 Lbs Sisters.