Exclusive: CBS News Anchor Andrea Grymes Expecting Third Child!

is andrea grymes pregnant

Andrea Grymes is an American reporter and anchor. She works for the CBS2 news channel. She is the co-anchor for this news channel in the evening section. She has been in this since 2013. Andrea has been working for CBS2 since July 2013. She is an excellent reporter with a great voice and technique to inform the public.

While being the co-anchor for the CBS2 channel, she has enclosed former president Donald Trump’s visit to Italy and Israel. Also, adding to the president, she has surrounded Pop’s visit to France and other places. Later she joined News 12, and before that, she worked for Fox News channel.

Is Andrea Grymes Pregnant?

is andrea grymes pregnant

Yes, Andrea Grymes is pregnant. CBS reporter Andrea Grymes has established a reputation and is famous for her anchoring. Andrea has a specialization in the broadcast of journalism. On numerous social media sites, there have recently been claims that she is expecting her third child. After collecting all the information and learning, it has been determined that these rumours are accurate.

She announced her third pregnancy on Instagram. The announcement was made on January 18. She quoted the caption as, “Some personal “developing” news!”. The third child is due in June! Therefore, it suggests that her third kid will be born in June, and her followers are eager to see them. The co-anchor is waiting for her baby to come out. It will be great news for her family, including the news channel she works for.

Andrea is married to a lovely man named Tim. All we know is that he is a great father to their two children. Grymes already has two children, and the third one is due. All her fans follow her on Instagram to get updates. As she constantly updates her daily life routine on social media posts.

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Andrea’s Family life

as mentioned earlier, the marital status of Andrea Grymes is married. And she is married to her long-term boyfriend. After marriage on December 16, 2017, the pair posted photographs from their wedding day on Instagram. They also shared a photo of their first kiss as a married couple. There is no such information regarding her husband, but both have been in a good relationship for the past seven years.

Both of them have a great bond which is unbreakable. They had their first child on December 25, 2018. They named him Grey John. Then they had their second child on February 8, 2020. And they called him Timothy Glen. Andrea enjoys her life and time with her family. She often shares pictures of her children on social media platforms.

When it comes to her private life, she is very keen to keep it confidential. As a journalist and reporter, she well knows how to control and handle things in social media. She only shares what is to be shown to the fans. There is nothing added or subtracted. Everything is done with perfection as she does her job.

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Andrea Grymes Works and Stories

is andrea grymes pregnant

So, throughout her career and news anchoring, Andrea has covered various stories, which include many topics. It includes crimes, political issues and human interest issues. She has received multiple medals and commendations for her commitment to her profession. She has received awards for special attention to detail in every news report.

Grymes was also part of the CBS news channel when they received the Emmy Award for Superstorm Sandy in 2013. Also, she is famous for her work regarding many child abuse cases. Andrea has also handled domestic violence cases and brought them to the public. Being a mother and at 38, she has won many awards and prizes for her excellent work.

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