Is Andrew He From “Jeopardy!” Gay? Keeping a Private Life Sparks Rumors!

Jeopardy! has been pretty LGBTQ+ inclusive over the years. Andrew He, who is one of the contestants on the Jeopardy! show has been speculated to be gay in recent days as fans seem interested in his personal life. If you are one of his fans too, then you are in the right place! Keep reading to learn more about Andrew He on this page!

Is Andrew He From “Jeopardy!” Gay?

Is Andrew He From "Jeopardy!" Gay?

Andrew He From “Jeopardy!” Has Not Openly Stated His Sexual Orientation. Andrew appears to like to keep his private affairs private. He hasn’t shared a lot about himself, particularly with regard to his family and romantic relationships.

It is unknown if he is married or if he has had any prior relationships. He presently seems to be single as well. Despite being highly recognized, Andrew wants to keep his personal and professional lives apart. So it is hard to draw any conclusions about whether he is gay or not.

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Where is Andrew He Currently in the Jeopardy Masters?

Is Andrew He From "Jeopardy!" Gay?

Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, Sam Buttrey, Andrew He, Mattea Roach, and Ken Jennings will compete in the three-week tournament to be crowned the “Jeopardy! Masters” champion.

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Currently, James Holzhauer is the winner with 9 points, 3 victories, and 103 accurate answers, while Andrew He finished in second place with 8 points, 2 victories, and 79 accurate answers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Andrew He

Who is Andrew He?

Andrew He is an American competitive programmer and the winner of the 2021 Facebook Hacker Cup.

Is Andrew He From “Jeopardy!” Gay?

Andrew He hasn’t publicly expressed his sexual orientation.

Who is Andrew He’s Boyfriend?

Andrew He has always maintained a private life, so it is unsure if he even has a boyfriend.

Who is Andrew He Currently Dating?

Andrew He currently appears to be single.

What is Andrew He’s Net Worth?

According to Sports Keeda, Andrew He is worth more than $100 million.