Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay? He Was Rumored to Be Dating Bandmate George Michael!

Is Andrew Ridgeley gay? Andrew Ridgeley is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer best known for his work in the 1980s with the musical duo Wham!

The musician is presently collaborating with Netflix to commemorate Fantastic, the debut album by Wham!, which turns 40 this year. The late George Michael is also mentioned in the documentary.

Numerous activities are planned to honor Wham, and it will reportedly feature a lot of previously unseen videos.

Additionally, the media has learned about the brand-new information, and most recently, Andrew has asserted that George felt pressured to achieve academic success before forming a band.

People are now interested in learning how well-known Andrew and George are to one another after the remark. We shall discuss Andrew’s private life and homosexual rumors in this post.

Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay?

No, Andrew Ridgeley is not gay. Andrew Ridgeley is often mistaken as gay due to the close relationship he had with his bandmate George Michael, who was openly gay.

The speculation surrounding his sexuality gained momentum when Netflix released the trailer for WHAM! the Netflix documentary, commemorating the 40th anniversary of WHAM!’s debut album, which showcased memorable moments of the duet.

However, in a candid interview, Andrew revealed that he had no idea about George’s sexual orientation during their time together and clarified that there was no romantic involvement between them.

Moreover, in an exclusive interview with People, Andrew shared his final experience with George Michael before his untimely passing, emphasizing the genuine friendship they shared, irrespective of the rumors.

Furthermore, Andrew has consistently been linked romantically with women throughout his life, providing ample evidence of his straight orientation.

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Who Is Andrew Ridgeley Dating?

is andrew ridgeley gay

Andrew Ridgeley began dating Amanda Cronin in 2022. The 60-year-old Wham! the musician has made his relationship with his current girlfriend Amanda Cronin, 45, public.

The super-rich influencer who has “the longest legs in Belgravia” and recently separated from Monaco energy tycoon Mark Daeche is Andrew Ridgeley’s new flame.

This past weekend, Andrew and Amanda made their first public appearance together at Wimbledon, and for the first time in front of the cameras, the couple seemed in love.

Several dates have already been had, according to a person close to Ms. Cronin who spoke to the Daily Mail. “This is their first public appearance, demonstrating their commitment to one another. There has been rapid movement.

Former model Amanda appeared in the first season of The Millionairess And Me on Channel 4 earlier this year.

Ms. Cronin bemoaned the fact that she ‘never gets contacted’ by guys in a December 2021 interview with the Daily Mail’s Diary.

“I am looking for love, but I never get approached. She remarked “I want a man who is kind, passionate, sincere, and authentic, I don’t want to do dating apps – I just believe the right person lands in my life, it always has.”

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Who Has Andrew Ridgeley Dated in The Past?

is andrew ridgeley gay

Before divorcing in 2017, Andrew Ridgeley and Keren Woodward were a power couple in the world of celebrities for 25 years.

While the latter was a member of Wham! alongside George Michael, the former was a member of the musical group Bananarama.

After the breakup of his partnership Wham! and the failure of Andrew Ridgely’s solo career, Keren and Andrew Ridgely moved in with her son in Wadebridge, North Cornwall, where they began dating.

After 25 years of marriage, they originally broke up in 2015, but shortly after, they got back together.

The comeback, however, was short-lived as they split up once more in 2017, which Keren revealed while promoting Bananarama’s reunion tour.

“As close friends, with different lives,” Andrew said to The Mirror: “We see each other as circumstances allow and retain a great affection for one another