Is Angel Reese Gay? Why Women’s Basketball Player Sexuality Is a Topic of Debate?

People are interested in who Angel Reese is meeting and whether or not she is gay. Angel Resse is a young basketball player from Baltimore, Maryland. She is 6 feet 3 inches tall. She has been a big part of college women’s basketball for two years in a row. Reese has always gotten a double-double, and in the second round of the NCAA playoffs, she showed how well she can play.

With her impressive numbers of 25 points, 24 rebounds, and six blocks, she helped LSU beat Michigan 66-42. Her season numbers of 23.8 points and 15.7 rebounds per game show how well she has played. In points, she is fifth in the country and second in rebounds, behind only BYU’s Lauren Gustin (16.7).

Is Angel Resse Gay?

is angel reese gay

No Angel Reese is not gay. Sources say that there is no proof that Angel “LSU’s standout center” is interested in girls or women, There are a lot of rumors on social media that she is gay, but that could just be to get more views or attention.

We did some study and found that there is no evidence that she is gay and that she has never been in a relationship with a woman. But she is said to have a connection to a man, which could mean she is straight.

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Who is Angel Reese Dating?

is angel reese gay

Angel Reese is single as of April 2023. But there were rumors that Angel Reese was dating the rapper NBA Youngboy. Now, Reese has gone to Twitter to say that these claims are false. The rumors started when the two showed up on Instagram Live together.

Reese had asked the rapper to come to watch her team, the Lady Tigers, play against Utah in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

When rapper NBA Youngboy mentioned Angel Reese in one of the lines for his song “Red,” fans were interested in rumors and thought it might be proof. But Reese denied the rumors and replied with laughing emojis, saying that she wasn’t the rapper’s girlfriend and asking for the rumors to stop.

Angel Resse Doesn’t Want to Be Linked to Rapper NBA Youngboy

is angel reese gay

NBA  Youngboy is controversial. He got married to his longtime girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle, and in 2021, the two of them had their second child. The 23-year-old already has to take care of ten kids and deal with a lot of legal problems. So, he is not looking for a love relationship right now.

NBA In California in March 2021, a young boy was charged with having a gun. In the same way, he was caught in Baton Rouge on September 28, 2020, while making a music video, on the same charges. A federal judge in Los Angeles said that the rapper’s song lyrics could not be used as proof because they had nothing to do with his case. In California, all of the charges against him were dropped in July 2022.

NBA Youngboy has had a lot of success in his music business, even though he has been in trouble with the law. He has had seven Billboard No. 1 albums and was named the most streamed American artist on YouTube in 2022. He has a big effect on the young people of today. His trial was set to start in Baton Rouge on August 2, 2022.

Reese might not want to date NBA Youngboy because of his troubled past, his many children, and the fact that he is rumored to be married. Also, the rapper is known for switching partners in relationships a lot. Some of the people he’s been with in the past are Iyanna “Yaya” Weather, social media star Jania Jackson, Starr Thigpen, and Kay Marie.

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Fans Are Hitting on Angel Reese’s Mother

is angel reese gay

Angel Reese, a star player on the LSU women’s basketball team, had to step in when her mother got online dating offers. Angel’s mother, who has the same name, got a lot of texts from young guys after LSU beat Miami in the NCAA tournament.

The older Angel made it clear on Twitter that she was not the LSU player, and she asked people to be careful when they tagged or messaged her. She also said that guys who thought she was her daughter sent her inappropriate dating requests. The elder Angel Resse tweeted It was clear that these guys in their twenties had the wrong person in mind when they sent messages.