Is Anne McAlpine Pregnant? Investigating the Truth About Her Pregnancy Rumors!

Is Anne McAlpine pregnant? Anne McAlpine previously known as Anne Lundon is a Scottish journalist, newsreader, and weather presenter who works for BBC Scotland and BBC Alba.

She is well known for narrating Scotland’s Home of the Year and hosting Reporting Scotland and Landward.

Many people who have seen her on TV are quite interested in learning about her personal life, especially because many people think she is pregnant.

So, Anne McAlpine is she actually expecting? Or are these rumors just untrue? Let’s read the article straight now to get the truth regarding her pregnancy status.

Is Anne McAlpine Pregnant?

is anne mcalpine pregnant

No, Anne McAlpine is not pregnant. Let us clarify the rumors that have been circulating regarding Anne McAlpine’s alleged pregnancy.

Despite the speculations floating around the internet, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Upon a thorough examination of her social media accounts, it becomes evident that there is no discernible baby bump in any of her photos, which would typically indicate a pregnancy.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Anne frequently shares updates about her travels, which suggests that she is not expecting.

Therefore, based on the available information from her socials, it can be stated with confidence that Anne McAlpine is not pregnant.

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Who Is Anne McAlpine Married To?

is anne mcalpine pregnant

Anne happily married  Ken McAlpine in February 2022 and they are together since then. 

The Scottish news reporter married Ken, the cameraman’s husband after they became coworkers. The media, however, has not reported on her nuptials.

In Glasgow’s West End, Ken and Anne presently reside in a renovated sandstone home that was formerly a part of Glasgow University and is located next to Kelvingrove Park.

She said her spouse was a musician before they were married when she welcomed The Scotsman media around to their house for a brief interview. She remarked:

“My husband was a musician in a former life – in a band called The Supernaturals – and he’s loving playing again. I play a bit of Adele, Coldplay, some Beatles, a bit of a mishmash. It’s great.”

She said that her hubby shares her love of travel. She went on:

“My husband was brought up just outside Largs but loves the Islands and traveling as well. I think both of us are probably quite surprised that we’re still living in a city. We’re the kind of people that would to be out there in the sticks somewhere.”

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Anne McAlpine Kids and Previous Marriage

is anne mcalpine pregnant

Actually, Anne McAlpine has been married twice. She was previously known as Anne Lundon and was wed to David Lundon before choosing her present last name.

Sadly, the public is still in the dark about the specifics of their marriage and the cause of their divorce.

As for her children, Anne hasn’t had any children from either of her marriages up until now.

Keep an eye on The RC Online if you want to know whenever there are any new updates in her personal life.