Is Anthony Lexa Gay? Exploring the Personal Life of Sex Education’s Abbi!

Is Anthony Lexa gay? In the fourth season of Sex Education, a number of new pupils at the much more contemporary and forward-thinking Cavendish Sixth Form are introduced to our cherished returning characters from Moordale Secondary.

Anthony Lexa’s character Abbi quickly becomes the school’s queen bee, yet unlike Ruby (Mimi Keene), she does not impose her will on others.

Rather, Abbi, her lover Roman (Felix Mufti), and their close friend Aisha (Alexandra James) who make up the so-called “coven” are well-known for their sensitivity and inspire everyone at the school to be kind to others.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for additional information about Anthony Lexa, also known as Sex Education’s Abbi. Keep reading to find out more details about her personal life.

Who is Anthony Lexa?

is anthony lexa gay

Although Lexa’s role in Sex Education is her first on television, she has already begun establishing her career in the music industry.

She is referred to be “a London-based indie pop singer and songwriter” on her official website. The release of her next single, “Early Nights,” is set for Friday, September 29, 2023, at midnight.

Lexa’s biography describes: “As an openly trans woman, her songs resonate with listeners, offering a glimpse into the human experience through poignant and relatable lyrics.”

You can currently listen to one of Lexa’s previous singles above

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Is Anthony Lexa Gay?

is anthony lexa gay

While Anthony Lexa’s sexual orientation remains undisclosed, it is important to highlight that she is an openly transgender woman, a facet of her identity that extends beyond her portrayal in “Sex Education” Season 4.

Her status as an openly transgender woman holds significant significance in both her personal and professional spheres. Lexa’s journey as an artist and as a transgender woman showcases her authenticity and the incredible power of self-expression.

Through her music, she establishes profound emotional connections with her audience, using relatable lyrics that offer a window into the human experience.

Her songs often revolve around poignant and heartfelt themes, resonating with listeners who appreciate her unfiltered honesty and vulnerability.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Lexa ventured into acting, where she played the role of Abbi in “Sex Education” Season 4.

This transition allowed her to bring her true self to the screen, contributing to the show’s commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Lexa’s decision to openly embrace her transgender identity, both in her music and acting careers, is a testament to her bravery and dedication to breaking down barriers in the entertainment industry.

In doing so, she brings her unique perspective to her artistic endeavors and becomes a source of inspiration and empowerment for others who may be navigating similar journeys.

Her exceptional talent, unwavering authenticity, and trailblazing spirit solidify her as a remarkable figure in the entertainment world.

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What Has Anthony Lexa Said About Sex Education Season 4?

is anthony lexa gay

Upon the commencement of filming for the episodes in August 2022, Lexa shared her delight on Instagram.

“watch out for this TRANS gal to come to a screen near you @sexeducation 🏳️‍⚧️

what an amazing ANTventure i have ahead of me with @elevenfilmltd @netflixuk . such a pleasure to have @felixmufti and @miss_sassyalex by my side through this insane journey – love you both👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏽 💕

it’s an honour to bring this new character to life. never knew i needed her until she became part of me☁️”

We wish her good luck for her upcoming single on 29 September and also for her upcoming acting projects.