Is Anton Du Beke Gay? Strictly Judge Anton Says His Father Used to Call Him Gay for Dancing!

Is Anton Du Beke gay? Anthony Paul Beke who is widely known as Anton Du Beke, is a British ballroom and Latin dancer and television presenter.

Since the show’s debut on BBC One in 2004, Strictly Come Dancing has been one of his most well-known roles as a professional dancer and later as a judge. Erin Boag has been his professional dance partner since 1997.

The abusive father of Anton Du Beke used to refer to Anton as gay only because he wanted to be a dancer, as disclosed by Anton’s sister. Anthony Paul Beke,57, has been in the news since this disclosure. And a lot of people now believe that he is gay.

So, is Anton Du Beke really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the British dancer’s sexual orientation.

Is Anton Du Beke Gay?

is anton du beke gay

No, Anton Du Beke is not gay. Anton Du Beke’s sexuality became a subject of public interest when his sister revealed a poignant aspect of his past.

Their father’s hurtful taunts about Anton’s career choice in dancing, labeling him as gay, shed light on the struggles he faced.

Another factor contributing to the gay rumors is the stereotype of people that all men who dance with grace are gay. But it’s not really true in today’s world as Anton is a true example to slam these stereotypes.

While there’s a scarcity of personal information about his life online, a closer look reveals that he has exclusively dated women in the past. This pattern of relationships provides substantial evidence to confirm his heterosexual orientation.

It’s a reminder that assumptions and rumors should be approached with sensitivity. So have got the answer to your question “Is Anton Du Beke Gay?” let’s know more about his personal life.

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Is Anton Du Beke Married?

is anton du beke gay

Yes, Anton Du Beke is happily married to his Hannah Summer since 2017. Hannah and Anton allegedly dated for six years before getting married after meeting at a golf club in 2011.

In a 2022 interview with HELLO!, Anton claimed that he fell in love with her nearly right away. After Hannah was discovered wearing a wedding band at the Chelsea Flower Show in the same year, it was speculated that the couple had secretly wed.

On Instagram, Anton announced the couple’s twin pregnancy in November 2016 with a cute photo. The caption on the image read: “We hear the ‘tippety-tap’ of tiny feet!”

The image featured a top hat and small dancing shoes. Anton captioned the post as follows: “Hannah and I are delighted to announce that we are expecting twins in the spring. We are over the moon!”

The happy couple was photographed leaving a hospital in Berkshire with their newborns in March 2017, after apparently hoping for a child for some time before turning to IVF as per Mirror.

Hannah has experience in both communications and technology marketing. The 42-year-old had previously served as a mobile network security company’s chief marketing officer.

The duo keeps their personal lives very quiet and doesn’t frequently discuss their relationship, but Anton did share this Instagram photo of the happy couple in 2018 with some blue and pink roses.

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Frequently asked questions

Who Is Anton Du Beke?

Anton Du Beke is a British dancer and television presenter.

Is Anton Du Beke Gay?

No, Anton Du Beke is not gay.

What Is Anton Du Beke’s Sexual Orientation?

Anton Du Beke’s sexual orientation is straight.

Is Anton Du Beke Married?

Yes, Anton Du Beke is married to Hannah Summer.

What Is Anton Du Beke’s Net Worth?

Anton Du Beke has a net worth of $10 million.