Is Arjun Mathur Gay? Dispelling the Rumors Surrounding Actor’s Sexuality!

Is Arjun Mathur gay? We recently started watching the second season of the Indian sitcom Made in Heaven on Amazon Prime, and we’re already mildly enamored.

The film Made in Heaven, which was written and directed by women, centers on a group of wedding planners who must deal with the irrational demands of their clientele.

Similar to what you might expect wedding planners to do everywhere, but with the cultural additions of arranged weddings, dowry exchanges, virginity exams, and multi-week celebrations.

It’s like My Big Fat Greek Wedding mixed with Crazy Rich Asians, and it takes place in Delhi. And it’s almost flawless.

The wonderful Tara Khanna and Karan Mehra, for whom no request is too hard or enormous, allow us to witness various couples with differing problems and personal family dramas come together in opulent ceremonies.

The second season of “Made in Heaven” has taken over Amazon Prime. What you need to know about Arjun Mathur, including whether he is gay or not, is provided below.

Is Arjun Mathur Gay?

is arjun mathur gay

No, Arjun Marthur is not gay. There have been long-standing rumors surrounding the actor’s sexuality due to his gay roles in movies and series such as ‘Made In Heaven.’

In a 2019 interview with India Times, Arjun said, “I think it’s very smart that we are inviting everyone saying it’s a show about weddings but then we are hitting them with these strong reality checks.”

The actor, who has collaborated on multiple movies with Zoya Akhtar, the director of Made in Heaven, says he has played gay roles previously and was originally hesitant to play Karan.

When it came to taking on gay parts as a straight actor, Arjun “didn’t want to be too repetitive” and didn’t want to take the chance of eventually being stereotyped as an actor who could only play homosexuals.

“[Playing a gay character] is a big challenge, he acknowledged. “The last thing you want to hear is: Here goes your career in the drain because of this! It was very disturbing. But now, I am so happy that my work speaks for itself.”

Despite his gay roles in movies and series, in real life, he has only dated women in the past which is enough to prove that his sexual orientation is straight.

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Arjun Mathur’s Support For LGBTQ+ Community

is arjun mathur gay

Arjun Mathur recently discussed the struggles of the LGBTQ community in India when asked by Times Now in his latest interview in light of Made in Heaven season 2.

Times Now asked the actor [Why} gay people [are] not getting a chance to marry in India to which Arjun Mathur replied:

“As we all know, Article 377 has been decriminalized in India, but people from the LGBTQ community are still not allowed to get married in this country.”

Later when asked ‘if it is unfair to the community,’ Arjun Mathur said,

“Yes, I think it’s unfair. But as we know, things will change. Homosexuality is legal now, and hopefully, people will be allowed to marry whoever they choose.”

Furthermore, given that Made In Heaven 2 has been delayed by four years, Arjun Mathur urged people to watch it. He acknowledged the anticipation among supporters and assured them that they wouldn’t be disappointed.

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Is Arjun Mathur Married?

is arjun mathur gay

No, Arjun Mathur is not married but he was previously married to Simrit Malhi. When asked about his relationship status in 2020 Arjun Mathur said,

“Yes, absolutely! I’ve been in a very loving and happy relationship. Her name is Tiya Tejpal. She’s a production designer, a very talented one.”

For those who are unaware, Simrit Malhi was Arjun Mathur’s first wife. After being married in 2010, the pair divorced after only two years of marriage.

It is not known if Tiya Tejpal and Arjun Mathur are still together or not as there are no verified reports of their break up and we can’t even verify from their socials as Tiya doesn’t have Instagram and Arjun’s Instagram page is either deleted or banned.