Is Aron Piper Gay? Latest Instagram Post Spark Speculations!

Is Aron Piper gay? One of the stars of the Netflix adolescent drama Elite is Aron Piper. He portrays Ander Munoz, as a recalcitrant kid who battles to discover his sexuality. The popularity of Elite has sent its stars to the stratosphere of stardom.

In the 2004 movie The Gunman, Piper made his acting debut. Seven years later, in Maktub, he had his subsequent cinematic appearance.

After that, he starred in Only When I have nothing to Eat and Fracaso Escolar. His debut television role was in Centro Medico in 2016.

His sexual orientation has always been the subject of speculation because of his gay role in Elite, but this time the rumors were stoked after he posted a collection of images from his vacation. Consequently, a lot of people once again began to believe he is gay.

So, is Aron Piper really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is Aron Piper Gay?

is aron piper gay

No, Aron Piper is not gay. The speculations about his sexuality originally sparked due to the gay role he portrayed in the Netflix teen drama series Elite.

Although this time the question “Is Aron Piper gay?” arose due to his Instagram post in which he posted a series of photos from his vacation.

In the 2nd slide of the post, he can be seen lying between 2 of his male friends on the bed, and in the 5th slide, he can be seen in some sort of a sexual position with a man.

But just based on social media posts which could just be a joke or banter we cannot determine someone’s sexuality as it is a very private matter for any individual

Despite being speculated for a long time he has never addressed his sexuality in any of the public interviews or social media as he likes to keep his personal life private.

Following the publication of his debut EP, “NIEVE,” in 2021, Piper made an appearance on the cover of Numéro back in 2021 and spoke candidly about the eventful year that had been.

When asked what he had learned most about 2020, Piper replied, “The loss of my privacy, without a doubt.” And the actor responded when asked what his motto was:

“Take care of life, and life with take care of you.”

However, after doing some online research we came to know that he has only been rumored to be dating women in the past which is enough to prove that Aron Piper’s sexual orientation is straight.

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Who Is Aron Piper Dating?

is aron piper gay

Aron Piper is not dating anyone publicly at the moment. Spanish actor has been linked to Dua Lipa and FKA Twigs in dating rumors. Arón Piper has kept his romantic life a secret, despite the fact that he has also allegedly had a girlfriend in the past.

He was romantically involved with Jessica Goicoechea, a model and fashion designer, in 2021. Goicoechea was observed out and about with the Spanish actor; she is a native of Barcelona, Spain.

The couple may have also been spotted kissing, but they have never confirmed they are or have ever been dating. keep reading to find out more about his relationship with Dua Lipa and FKA Twigs.

Aron Was Spotted with Dua Lipa in 2022

is aron piper gay

Dua Lipa, who had broken up with her longtime partner Anwar Hadid in 2021, apparently saw Piper, the star of “Muted,” dancing at a nightclub in Madrid, Spain. This generated rumors of a new relationship between the two.

Fans were captivated by Lipa and Piper’s relationship while they were on her Future Nostalgia globe tour in Spain, and it created a buzz on social media. While some fans were excited by the prospect of them getting together, others were not happy with the circumstance.

When Piper was later photographed kissing FKA Twigs passionately, Lipa was accused of being in a love triangle with the two women. Despite the romance rumors surrounding their night out, Lipa and Piper remained mute.

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Aron Was Also Rumored to Be Dating FKA Twigs

After his sensuous dancing with Lipa for twenty-four hours, Twigs, a British musician, shared a video of her and Piper kissing on TikTok, which pushed Piper’s name to headlines once more.

Twigs, who dated actor Robert Pattinson three years prior, was shown in the video wearing a bikini while Piper was topless. Piper and Twigs kissed in the TikTok video as “Killer” by Twigs played in the background.

It was later discovered that Piper also appeared in the black-and-white music video for the song as the love interest. Similar to his romance with Dua he has never confirmed these rumors.