Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant? A Deep Dive Into Meteorologist’s Personal Life!

Is Ashlee Baracy pregnant? In the dynamic world of meteorology, Ashlee Baracy stands out as an accomplished American meteorologist, bringing sunshine to the screen with her 4Warn Weather forecasts.

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Ashlee’s journey in the field has been nothing short of remarkable.

From her humble beginnings as a traffic anchor and general assignment reporter at WDIV in 2010, she soared to new heights at WBNS in Columbus, OH, eventually making history as the station’s first female Chief Meteorologist.

With an Emmy win for a severe weather special in 2021 and multiple nominations under her belt, Ashlee’s career has indeed come full circle.

However, amidst the accolades and achievements, rumors have begun to swirl around the internet regarding a potential new chapter in her life – pregnancy.

Join us as we delve into the truth behind these speculations and get to know more about the woman who skillfully weaves meteorological magic into our daily lives.

Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant?

is ashlee baracy pregnant

No, Ashlee Baracy is not pregnant. While she’s not expecting at the moment, it’s worth acknowledging the strength she displayed back in 2019 when she made national headlines for calling out body-shamers during her pregnancy.

The Columbus, Ohio meteorologist, who announced her pregnancy in February of that year, took to social media in June to address the unsolicited comments about her appearance.

From remarks about her face looking fuller to unwarranted advice on her weight gain, Ashlee faced it all. She bravely used her platform to shed light on body-shaming and its impact, sharing some of the hurtful messages she received.

Despite having thick skin, she admitted that the words still stung, emphasizing how important it is for adults to set a positive example for the younger generation.

This time around, there’s been no official announcement or visible baby bump in her latest Instagram posts. So, as of now, the meteorologist is navigating the weather of life without any impending additions to her family.

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Who Is Ashlee Baracy Married To?

is ashlee baracy pregnant

Ashlee Baracy is happily married to her husband Jeff Kunkel. In 2017, she tied the knot with her best friend, Jeff Kunkel, in a heartwarming ceremony at the Gem Theatre in Downtown Detroit.

Their love story began at a Detroit Tigers game, a meeting that set the stage for a beautiful journey. Before making the move to Ohio, the couple got engaged on Belle Isle, overlooking the city where their romance blossomed – Detroit.

In a candid interview with Local 4, Ashlee shared the significance of the city in their love story, emphasizing its deep meaning to their relationship.

Beyond her role as a meteorologist and wife, Ashlee proudly embraces the title of “Momorologist.” With the joy that parenting brings, the couple is blessed to be a family of four.

Their three-year-old son, Carter, and daughter, Caylee, complete their happy household. Ashlee playfully dubs herself a ‘monologist’ now, juggling the roles of meteorologist, wife, and mom with unwavering enthusiasm.

After returning to Detroit, Baracy and her husband made a conscious decision to raise their children close to their grandparents, fulfilling a long-held dream.

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As devoted Wolverines, the couple is ensuring their children grow up with a love for the same values and traditions they hold dear.

In the Baracy-Kunkel household, love, family, and a shared passion for all things Detroit and Wolverines make for a fulfilling and joyous life.