Is Ashley McBryde Gay? Having a Private Dating Life Leads to Speculations!

Is Ashley McBryde gay? Ashley McBryde is a country music singer and songwriter from the United States. Ashley McBryde has always wished to succeed in the music business.

She is currently living her dream life. She won a Grammy and an Oscar and dominated the Billboard Country Airplay charts in 2021.  Because of Ashley McBryde’s excellent music career, many people are curious about her personal life.

When McBryde tried to play her father’s guitar when she was three, she immediately fell in love with music. Her parents purchased her a guitar after recognizing her aptitude.

At 17, she started taking piano lessons and composed her first song. She acquired confidence when she enrolled at Arkansas State University and started performing for a larger audience.

Initially, she played the songs for her family members. Since then, McBryde has developed into a popular and famous country artist.

The singer has kept her sexual preferences hidden despite being in the public eye for so long. Here’s what we know about Ashley McBryde’s sexual orientation.

Is Ashley McBryde Gay?

is ashley mcbride gay

No, Ashley McBryde is not gay. Ashley McBryde has long been the subject of rumors about her sexual preferences.

Despite spending a lot of time in the spotlight, she has kept her love life a secret, which has raised questions about her sexual orientation.

But it’s important to understand that suppositions and conjectures don’t always correspond to reality.

In a tweet, Ashley once hinted at her sexuality by writing, “You don’t have to be gay to attract guys.” Her heterosexual orientation is supported by this assertion.

It’s important to keep in mind that someone’s sexual orientation is a personal matter, thus assumptions shouldn’t be made without getting the person’s explicit consent.

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Who Is Ashley McBryde Dating?

is ashley mcbride gay

Ashley McBryde is not dating anyone at the moment. Ashley McBryde has had a very discreet relationship life.

She is not known for discussing her love relationships in public, and information about her private life has been kept out of the media’s glare.

McBryde has devoted her time and efforts to honing her skill and establishing a connection with her listeners through her stirring songs. Her main focus has been on advancing her music career.

Despite the fact that her relationships are private, McBryde frequently explores themes of love, heartbreak, and her own experiences in her music. Her lyrics explore the difficulties of relationships and the accompanying emotional journey.

The accessible and emotional songs McBryde writes seem to be inspired by her own life experiences, which makes it easier for her listeners to identify with her.

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Ashley McBryde Was Rumored to Be Dating Her Roommate Andy

Because of the intimate facts McBryde gave in “Andy (I Can’t Live Without You),” the song’s listeners initially believed it was about her lover.

The singer, however, refuted the allegations in an interview in 2018 and made it clear that the song was about Andrew Sovine, her band’s guitarist and roommate. She uttered:

“That whole song came about because I had gotten home before him and asked when he was gonna get to the house, and he texted and said he wasn’t coming home that night.”

In the song, McBryde divulges personal information about their days hanging out and engaging in games while drunk, as well as how she occasionally felt insulted when Sovine used her towels on the dog.

She acknowledged that because they shared a home, many people assumed they were a couple, but she emphasized that she and Sovine were just good friends.