Is Ashley McBryde Related to Martina McBride? Ashley’s Playful Response to the Endless ‘Are You Related?’ Question!

Is Ashley McBryde related to Martina McBride? Ashley McBryde, the talented American country music singer-songwriter, has captured the hearts of many with her compelling music journey.

Hailing from Arkansas, she was immersed in various music genres from a young age, and her passion for songwriting led her to the vibrant city of Nashville in pursuit of a music career.

Her story is one of determination and success, with key milestones including her collaboration with country artist Eric Church and the release of critically acclaimed albums like “Girl Going Nowhere” and “Never Will.”

Despite her remarkable achievements, there has been a long-standing question that has intrigued country music enthusiasts: Is Ashley McBryde related to Martina McBride?

In the wake of the 2023 CMA Awards, this question resurfaces, and in this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing connection, or perhaps the lack thereof, between these two talented artists. Keep reading to uncover the truth.

Is Ashley McBryde Related to Martina McBride?

is ashley mcbride related to martina mcbride

The rumors and speculations about Ashley McBryde and Martina McBride being related have been swirling for quite some time. However, it’s important to set the record straight – the two talented artists are not related.

In fact, the most straightforward clue lies in their last names, which are spelled differently. Ashley McBryde herself has addressed this confusion on several occasions, emphasizing the lack of any family ties.

In a humorous and somewhat exasperated response to the persistent question, she once took to Twitter to put the matter to rest, saying:

“Y’all, I spoke to Martina the other night, and we’re both worn out about explaining that we aren’t related and we, in fact, use different spellings… so we’re just gonna say we ARE related. @martinamcbride, my new sister, I adore you.”

It’s a light-hearted way of affirming their lack of a familial connection, while also appreciating the support and camaraderie between these two talented artists. So, rest assured, the mystery of their non-relationship has been cleared up once and for all.

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Who Is Ashley McBryde’s Dad?

is ashley mcbride related to martina mcbride

Ashley McBryde‘s journey in the music world is deeply intertwined with her family, especially her father, William McBryde, who was a former preacher and holds a special place in her heart.

In her early days, she actually learned to play the guitar on her father’s guitar before her parents bought one just for her.

Her father’s aspirations for her took an unexpected turn, though. While Ashley’s success and fame in the music industry have soared, her father still holds onto the dream of her becoming a doctor.

In a poignant moment a few years ago, during a trip they took together, he expressed this wish to her. He asked her to promise that, after achieving her dreams and making a name in the music world, she’d pursue medical school.

Ashley shared in an interview with CBS News in 2019:

“You can say anything you want about me and the music we make, but my Daddy doesn’t approve of it. So how bad is it gonna hurt me if you say that?”

This demonstrates the strong influence her father’s wishes have on her, despite her remarkable success.

In conversations with her father, Ashley carefully selects what aspects of her life and career she shares, as he has never been particularly concerned with fame.

Their bond is rooted in the desire for her father’s approval, and she cherishes the moments when he expresses pride in her accomplishments, even if he does so in his own unique way.

It’s a touching reminder of the enduring love and respect between a daughter and her father, even when their paths diverge.