Is Asuilu and Kalani Prabha Still Together or Have They Separated?

Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata, stars of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, recently relocated from Utah to a stunning beachfront property. Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata, formerly of “90 Days, ” have left their Utah home and are now reportedly living on a beach.

The pair from 90 Day Fiancé season 6 met in Samoa, where the series is set. At first, the 90 Day Fiancé couple of Asuelu (whom viewers of the show love to hate) and Kalani (whom they quickly grow to love) seemed like a perfect match, complete with a compelling narrative that many viewers adored.

They started a family, bought a house, and battled with all sorts of family concerns as the years went by on the reality show. When the couple went on 90-Day Diaries and their marital difficulties were exposed, things quickly deteriorated.

Kalani’s husband’s lack of participation in family life was one source of friction in their marriage. Asuelu, frustrated and exhausted by his wife’s new personality, decided to block her on Instagram. Kalani put her Utah house up for sale when she and her husband were unable to work out their differences.

As time went on, although still being married to Kalani, Asuelu posted a mysterious message online suggesting he was dating someone else. However, despite the fact that they are still legally married, fans of 90 Day Fiancé consider it only a matter of time before the pair files for divorce.

Is Asuelu still dating Kalani in 2022?

Is Asuelu still dating Kalani in 2022?

The ongoing saga of Kalani and Asuelu is brought up to date with the release of 90 Days Diaries, Season 3. Though they say they’re having problems, the couple is still together. In 2021, for Halloween, the parents took their kids pumpkin picking.

Before the camera was turned on, they seemed to be having a great time and were very happy; but, after the camera began rolling, they admitted that they were having trouble. How do you feel about everything?” Kalani questioned. Good, Asuelu said in response.

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Relationship with Kalani for 90 Days

Kalani’s connection with her partner is tense and she’s going through a tough period. I do not think we are doing especially well,” she said. You must be content because you are not cooped up inside all the time and can go out and enjoy some peace and quiet.

When she isn’t around, I can’t make sense of the world. She freely confesses that she felt like she was doing more of the child-rearing than her spouse was. Another source of Asuelu’s dissatisfaction is his perception that Kalani does not trust him to look after their kids on his own.

Relationship Problems Cause Tension Between Asuelu and Kalani

The birth of their second child, however, exacerbated tensions in their relationship. Asuelu’s background, in which women are expected to care for the home while males handle the finances, contributes to the discord.

Kalani had to quit her job at a group home so she could take care of her children, but Asuelu didn’t pitch in with any housework.  As their money ran out and Asuelu still hadn’t found a job, the couple felt the strain.

The wife and mother of two children believed her husband was failing in his responsibilities to the family. Kalani and her family were disturbed by Asuelu’s use of the word “bitch” to describe her wife during a particularly heated argument.

Kalani, however, resolved to try to fix their marriage because she was raised with a strong belief in conventional marriages.

Why Didn’t Kalani and Asuelu Work Out?

Why Didn't Kalani and Asuelu Work Out?

Season 5 of 90 Days…Fiance? had the pair continuing to document their lives together. Kalani and Asuelu had a hard time agreeing on how to handle their finances and how to proceed in their relationship.  While adjusting to being a mother of two, Kalani believed Asuelu wasn’t being a good husband or father to their newborn son, Kennedy, whom she had in May 2019.

After a particularly intense argument in which Asuelu branded Kalani a “bitch,” her family decided they could no longer support the couple’s marriage. Kalani opted to stay with Asuelu in order to work things out, but their relationship was put to the test once again when they went to see Asuelu’s family in Washington, DC.

The 2019 Christmas season found Asuelu traveling with his mother, Lesina, and sister, Tammy, who both put pressure on him to send money home to his family in Samoa. The four of them lived on Asuelu’s meager income from his part-time job at the local grocery shop, but Lesina and Tammy blamed Kalani for their father’s reluctance to help them out.

Tammy and Lesina approached Kalani over the outstanding debt, and Tammy made violent threats against Kalani, saying she would “beat” him “up.”

After an altercation with Kalani’s husband Asuelu over the fight, Kalani finally acknowledged she no longer wanted to be married to him before they returned to the Utah house they share with Kalani’s parents.

After returning home, she changed her mind when Asuelu suggested couples therapy. Despite some progress in therapy, the couple was back at square one by the time the coronavirus epidemic in the United States reached its climax in the spring of 2020.

Kalani thought their children and her parents were in danger since Asuelu was not following social distancing norms, so she sent him to live with his mother and sister for a while.