Is Ato Boldon Gay? Debunking Rumors and Speculations!

Is Ato Boldon gay? Ato Boldon is a four-time Olympic medalist, politician, and former track and field athlete from Trinidad.

With records of 5.64, 6.49, and 19.77 seconds in the 50, 60, and 200-meter events, respectively, he owns the national record for Trinidad and Tobago.

He also holds the 100-meter record at the Commonwealth Games. Before Richard Thompson ran 9.85s on August 13, 2011, he also owned the 100-meter national record with a time of 9.86s after running it four times.

Boldon works as a track and field TV analyst for NBC Sports. On the internet, there have been allegations that Ato Boldon is gay.

So, is Ato Boldon gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the commentator’s sexual orientation.

Is Ato Boldon Gay?

is ato boldon gay

No, Ato Boldon is not gay. Ato Boldon’s sexuality has been a subject of rumors, but it’s important to recognize that these speculations are unfounded.

The former track and field athlete has always maintained a private stance when it comes to his personal life, which could have inadvertently led to these misconceptions.

While Boldon has chosen not to publicly address his sexuality, it’s worth noting that his dating history shows a consistent preference for women.

This factual information should be sufficient to dispel any doubts about his sexual orientation, confirming that he identifies as straight.

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Is Ato Boldon Married?

No, Ato Boldon is not married to anyone as of now. But he was married twice before he chose to be single, keep reading to find out more about his previous marriages:

Cassandra Mills

is ato boldon gay

After a three-year courtship, Ato Boldon entered the bond of marriage with entertainment executive/manager Cassandra Mills in 1998.

Their journey together lasted nearly a decade, as they eventually decided to part ways and officially divorced in 2007. Despite their shared history, the couple did not have any children during their time together.

This chapter of Boldon’s life highlights both the joys and challenges that can come with long-term relationships, ultimately shaping his personal journey in significant ways.

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Neki Mohan

is ato boldon gay

Following an unsuccessful marriage, Ato Boldon found love again and tied the knot with Neki Mohan. The two welcomed a daughter in 2007, marking a joyful chapter in their lives.

Unfortunately, their relationship took a different turn, leading to their separation in 2018. Currently, Boldon calls Florida his home, where he continues to embrace life’s journey with his experiences shaping his path forward.

Although the couple split a long time ago they did reunite for their daughter Lea Boldon’s sweet 16th birthday and Ato even wrote a heartfelt Instagram post with a caption:

“How SWEET it is. Happy 16th birthday @lea.boldon. I couldn’t be prouder to be your father and your #1 fan.
I love you.”