Is Barry Williams Gay? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Is Barry Williams gay? Barry William Blenkhorn, better recognized by his stage name Barry Williams, has left an indelible mark on American television as the iconic eldest Brady son, Greg Brady, in the beloved series “The Brady Bunch” from 1969 to 1974.

His enduring popularity resurfaced as he joined the cast of “Dancing With The Stars,” a move that once again thrust his personal life into the spotlight.

Barry has recently garnered attention for his past connection with co-star Maureen McCormick, whom he is rumored to have dated during their time on the 1970 TV sitcom.

With such curiosity swirling around his personal life, including speculation about his sexuality, many are eager to uncover the truth about this accomplished actor’s orientation.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing question: Is Barry Williams gay? Keep reading the article to find out the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is Barry Williams Gay?

is barry williams gay

No, Barry Williams is not gay. The rumors surrounding Barry Williams’ sexuality are completely unfounded.

Barry Williams has consistently been in relationships with women throughout his life, dispelling any misconceptions about his sexual orientation.

Notably, during his time on “The Brady Bunch,” he dated two of his co-stars, Maureen McCormick and Florence Henderson, which did raise eyebrows among fans due to the show’s familial context.

However, it’s essential to clarify that Williams and McCormick’s real-life attraction to each other didn’t affect their on-screen portrayals, though some scenes were reshot to avoid any unintended chemistry.

As for the purported date with Florence Henderson, it was, by her own account, nothing more than a casual dinner and a misunderstood situation.

Williams’ subsequent marriages to women further underline his straight sexual orientation, debunking any lingering doubts. So, there is ample evidence to assert that Barry Williams is indeed heterosexual.

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Is Barry Williams Married?

is barry williams gay

Yes, Barry Williams is happily married to his wife Tina Mahina. In the late 2010s, Tina Mahina became Barry Williams’ third wife, and the two have been blissfully married ever since.

She has a long history in showbiz, just like her husband, and she currently performs in a band with the actor. Barry Williams uploaded a picture of himself in November 2016 showing his arm around the waist of a stunning woman.

Wearing black pants and a maroon button-down shirt, he grinned at the camera while the woman’s arm was cradled against his chest.

The woman wore black knee-high boots, pants, and a patterned shirt in shades of red, black, and brown. She grinned at the camera, too, and with good reason, with her hair pulled back in a low ponytail swept to the side.

“4 minutes before this sunset photo was taken, I got down on one knee with a proposal. She said YES!!!” Barry captioned the photo with excitement. The seasoned Hollywood performer, who has been dating Tina Mahina since 2013, recently got engaged.

The following year, Williams revealed the specifics of their wedding, revealing that it will happen in July at their Branson, Missouri, home. They did, after all, with Williams in his early 60s and Mahina in her early 50s.

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Barry Williams Is Blessed with 2 Children

is barry williams gay

In 2003, the Blending Christmas star and his second wife, Eila, welcomed their first child. Twenty-year-old Brandon Eric Williams, Barry’s son, was born roughly two years before his father and Eila separated.

Barry talked about his kids in a rare August 2021 interview with Closer Weekly. Regarding his son’s future plans, Barry stated at the time,

“My son is a musician, but also a full-time student, and hasn’t made any [comments] about going into that as a profession.”

Samantha Rose Williams, Barry’s daughter with his former Elizabeth Kennedy, was born in 2012, over ten years later, according to TODAY.

The 57-year-old father of two made news at the time for having welcomed his second child. Elizabeth, on the other hand, was 33 years old when her daughter was born. Samantha was born early in April of that year, arriving before her due date.