Is Bea Alonzo Pregnant? The Filipino Actress Is All Set To Grow Her Family?

Is Bea Alonzo Pregnant? Bea Alonzo is back on the top search lists of Google search. She is a top Filipino actress who has won hearts all across the globe. The actress is known for her roles in The Mistress and One More Chance.

Speculations are that Bea Alonzo is expecting her first baby soon. The rumors about her being pregnant spread like wildfire after the actress was spotted with what fans assume is a cute baby bump.

Keep reading the article to know the truth behind the rumor. is it a hoax or is Bea Alonzo pregnant for real?

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Is Bea Alonzo Pregnant?

is bea alonzo pregnant

No, Bea Alonzo is not pregnant. Everything started with a rumor. Rolling back to August 17, 2023, when Bea Alonzo was spotted by the paps with an assumed visible ‘baby bump’. The internet went wild after this. Some even claim that close sources have revealed that Bea Alonzo is expecting a child.

However, the rumors have not yet been addressed by the actress or her close friends as of yet. The source that claimed that Bea was seen with a visible baby bump on a cute little date on 17th August also claimed that the actress made toasts twice by drinking water instead of wine and this is a clear indicator that she is pregnant.

The actress’s rep refused to comment on the personal life of Bea Alonzo and did not confirm or deny the rumors. Well, it might be true that the actress is indeed pregnant. But what we shall do now is wait for her to make a public announcement and share this joyous news with her fans.

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Who Is Bea Alonzo Dating?

is bea alonzo pregnant

Bea Alonzo is dating Dominic Roque. The actress has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for years and it was only recently that the two took the next step in their relationship. Dominic and Bea got engaged on July 18 at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan.

“I was there for a shoot, but little did I know that the next thing that would happen would change our lives forever.”

In her vlog, she revealed that it came as a surprise to her to see the love of her life kneeling in front of her with a ring in his hand. She revealed how emotional the moment was and how she couldn’t stop her tears.