Is Beasteater Pregnant? Social Media Personality Expecting her First Baby?

Is Beasteater Pregnant? Beasteater, aka Stephanie Margarucci, is a famous personality, particularly known among youngsters and Gen Z. Beasteater is a popular singer who started her career through social media, especially TikTok. Along with this, she is also known for her exceptional skills as a dancer, choreographer, model, and social media influencer.

Recently, fans have shown curiosity about the personal life of the celebrity. They are particularly concerned about her love life and changing physical appearance, which, as speculated, sign of her pregnancy.

Keep reading the article to debunk the rumors surrounding the pregnancy of Stephanie Margarucci, better known as BeastEater online.

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Is BeastEater Pregnant?

is beasteater pregnant

No, BeastEater, aka Stephanie Margarucci is not pregnant. The rumors were spread by her fans and followers on social media who noticed a slight change in the model’s physical appearance in the recent pictures and reels she posted online on various platforms including Instagram, TitkTok, and Snapchat.

The rumors are baseless and there is no proof to back them. We have conducted thorough research by going through BeastEater’s social media accounts and she has not hinted about pregnancy or her plans to welcome a baby anytime soon.

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Is BeastEater Married?

is beasteater pregnant

No, BeastEater is not married. The star is currently dating Marcus Olin. However, the two have not revealed anything about their plans for marriage. She revealed her love life and boyfriend in an interview with TubeFilter.

“Marcus Olin is my boyfriend, and let me tell you, he’s the best one there could be! He’s an amazing support system. We both have a schedule we abide by every day, and we have certain times for TikTok content! We both filmed what we had planned. If it’s without him, I’ll film what I need to film then circle back to see if I’m needed for a video or the other way around! We genuinely spend all our time together, only separating if it’s a prank or something along the lines of that!”