Is Becky Mantin Pregnant? English Weather Forecaster Expecting For The Fifth Time?

Is Becky Mantin Pregnant? Becky Mantin is a popular and loved TV personality. She is an English TV weather presenter and forecaster for ITV Weather. The television personality is widely known for her skills and has made headlines for the same. However, it is different this time.

Becky Mantin has been in the news recently for an unexpected reason. There are rumors about Becky Mantin being pregnant. The reason for the same has been a sudden change in her physical appearance.

Let’s debunk the reality behind the rumors and uncover if Becky Mantin is pregnant.

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Is Becky Mantin Pregnant?

is Becky Mantin pregnant

No, Becky Mantin is not pregnant. There have been no solid evidences to confirm the rumors.. Moreover, Becky Mantin has not yet addressed the rumors.

We conducted a thorough research and as per close sources, there is no sign of pregnancy as of yet. She is currently focused as a weather forecaster for ITV Weather.

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Does Becky Mantin Have Kids?

is Becky Mantin pregnant

Yes, Becky Mantin has four kids. Backy Mantin tied knot with Jack Heald back in December 2009. The couple has been living together with love since then. They have four children together whom they love loads.

Mantin and Heald welcomed their first child, Rory, in 2010. The couple were blessed with another angel in 2012 and with their third child in 2015. Further, Becky got pregnant with her fourth baby in 2019. This is her complete family as of now.

As an experience from her previous pregnancy reports, she has been open about it and was the first to announce the news of her previous pregnancies to the media.

So let’s wait for Becky Mantin to announce her pregnancy and let us join her in this joyous journey once again.