Is Ben from EastEnders Gay in Real Life? Exploring Actor’s Dating History!

Is Ben from EastEnders gay in real life? Since the show’s inception in 1996, six different actors have played the lead role of Ben Mitchell. Max Bowden, who has played the part since 2019, is the star at the moment.

The 28-year-old has been involved in some rather dramatic situations since assuming the role of Walford’s bad boy, including blackmailing Martin Fowler and attempting to kill his own father.

EastEnders fans are ready to speculate about the actors’ real lives as soon as anything concerning the Ballum occurs on the show.

Like this time, when Ben finally tells husband Callum about his eating disorder in a tragic scene in EastEnders, viewers immediately start speculating about Max Bowden’s personal life, particularly his sexual orientation.

So is Ben from EastEnders gay in real life? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is Ben from EastEnders Gay in Real Life?

is ben from eastenders gay in real life

No, Ben Mitchell from EastEnders is not gay in real life. Basically, the rumors about his sexuality stem directly from his gay love and chemistry on EastEnders with Callum.

Fans of the BBC One series went crazy for the couple after Tony’s character Callum shared his first secret kiss with Ben in the night, even giving them their own unique nickname — Ballum.

According to Daily Star, the actor Tony Clay acknowledged that matter how swoon-worthy the kiss looked on television, there were some logistical difficulties, some of which required three-hour filming slots.

Away from the camera, Max Bowden leads a quite interesting life. He has experienced a love life full of ups and downs, including a failed relationship with a co-star and having a child with an ex. These relationships are sufficient evidence that he is straight.

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Who Is Ben from EastEnders Dating?

is ben from eastenders gay in real life

It is not known if he is in a relationship with Roisin Buckle or single. Max dated Roisin Buckle, an insurance executive, from May 2021 to early 2022.

Sadly, their romance did not last, but only a few weeks after they announced their split, they revealed they were expecting a child and promised to raise the child together.

Last year, in September, Reginald Buckle was born. The news was revealed by Max in a heartwarming Instagram post, which he captioned,

“Reginald Buckle welcome to the world son. Born on the 19th September 2022. Greatest feeling in the world and a love like I’ve never felt. Will never get over the feeling of my son looking me in the eye for the first time.”

‘Well done to Roisin on being such a strong first time Mum and taking to motherhood like a champ. @one_mum_and_a_baby”

“Heart is very full of love and gratitude, and can’t wait to love this little man for eternity! ❤️”

Since then, Roisin has started a podcast called One Mum And A Baby where she talks about being a mother to her baby Reggie.

A Close Look at Max Bowden’s Dating History

Shona McGarty

is ben from eastenders gay in real life

Prior to Reginald’s birth, Max was dating Whitney Dean’s co-star Shona McGarty from his serial opera.

After being seen holding hands on a romantic trip to a kebab cart and looking close on the red carpet at the Soap Awards in June 2022, the couple made their relationship on Instagram official in September 2022.

After only six months together, they broke up, and Shona has since spoken to The Mirror about it, stating that they are still friends—despite her calling their relationship a “risk.” She remarked,

“It’s lovely to be here tonight because Max’s mum’s here and I haven’t seen her for ages, I adore her. So it’s lovely to catch up with her. We’re actually better than ever.

It’s a friendship, we’re in such a good place. You take a risk, and you do something and it doesn’t work out, but that’s life, you’ve got to take that risk.”

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Olivia Hawkins

is ben from eastenders gay in real life

Additionally, Max ‘grew close’ with Love Island star Olivia Hawkins prior to her appearance on the reality show, according to reports.

Olivia Hawkins visited an EastEnders set party in the summer of 2022 after getting a job as an extra, according to a source who spoke to The Sun, and the two allegedly stole away to his dressing room.

Several months before, Max apparently liked a steamy photo of her on social media, which led to a flurry of flirtatious messages.

The source said: “It was evident pretty quickly that Max was making advances on her. They were clearly more than simply pals, as was evident.

It was obvious they liked each other. They snuck out during the festivities to have some private time together. They made their way to his dressing room and disappeared for some time.

Max revealed what had occurred to a few more celebs. It has become a topic of discussion on the set, especially after it was discovered Olivia was joining Love Island.