Is Ben Savage Gay? His Residence in a Gay-Friendly Neighborhood Sparks Suspicions!

Actor Ben Savage is rumored to reside in West Hollywood’s gay-friendly neighborhood. Consequently, there were rumors that he might be gay.

Are all the rumors true? Or are they simply untrue? Learn everything there is to know about the “Boy Meets World” star here!

Is Ben Savage Gay?

Is Ben Savage Gay?

No, Ben Savage Is Not Gay. He has been the subject of numerous rumors, but he hasn’t admitted to being gay or been spotted with a man. Because Ben Savage has been living in the incredibly gay-friendly West Hollywood neighborhood, many people speculate that he might be gay.

But, according to Dirt, his West Hollywood residence hasn’t been verified yet. As a result, we cannot confirm the rumors.

Because he portrayed Cory Matthews, the main character on the ABC series Boy Meets World, some fans also believe that the American actor may be gay.

The seven-season series follows Cory and his friends and family from his socially awkward middle school years to his married college years. Fans of the show have conjectured about Cory’s sexual orientation ever since it first aired in the 1990s.

Given his tight relationship with his best buddy Shawn Hunter and his disinterest in dating women, some have suggested that Cory is gay. Some have asserted that Cory is straight, citing his associations with Riley Matthews and Topanga Lawrence as evidence. The issue of Cory’s sexual orientation is unclear.

Cory’s orientation is never mentioned in the show, and the characters also never bring it up. Cory may be gay based on his close friendship with Shawn and his disinterest in dating females.

Ben may have portrayed a character on television that appeared to be gay, but we can’t confirm that he is also gay in real life. So, it is absolutely safe to claim that Ben Savage is heterosexual and not gay.

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Who Is Ben Savage Currently Dating?

Is Ben Savage Gay?

Tessa Angermeier, Ben Savage’s longtime partner, recently got engaged. In January 2023, Ben announced his engagement to Tessa Angermeier on Instagram.

Ben’s fiancée works as a senior graphic designer for the high-end furniture company, Ben Soleimani. She also manages the tours, merchandise, and graphic design for the rock group The Growlers.

Tessa received her bachelor’s degree in music management, graphic design, and arts management from Indiana University in 2015. There isn’t much information available about her because she isn’t particularly active on social media and doesn’t communicate much with her followers about her personal life.

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Ben Savage’s Dating History

Is Ben Savage Gay?

Ben Savage’s dating history isn’t well known because, except for the news of her engagement, he hasn’t told his admirers anything about his previous relationships. Despite this, he is known to have two on-screen opponents.

Linda Cardellini

Is Ben Savage Gay?

An on-screen rivalry existed between Linda Cardellini and Ben Savage. Together, they appeared in Boy Meets World in 1993. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who play the high school sweethearts on Boy Meets World, accompany their friends on the retreat in episode 14 of season 5.

Cory stays away from the slopes after twisting his ankle and runs into Lauren (Linda Cardellini). They share a kiss, and after Topanga discovers a note written by the resort employee, Cory and she break up.

Danielle Fishel

Is Ben Savage Gay?

When Danielle Fishel announced at 90s Con that a real-life romance with co-star Ben Savage never materialized, die-hard Boy Meets World fans might have felt let down.

But, after a few years of portraying childhood sweethearts Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence, Fishel reportedly acknowledged that she and Savage did attempt to make it work.

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel went on one date, according to Fishel, to see whether there were any “feelings there.” Sadly, though, their romance didn’t last, and they eventually split up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ben Savage

Who Is Ben Savage?

Bennett Joseph Savage is an actor from the United States. On the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World, he portrayed Cory Matthews.

Is Ben Savage Gay?

No, Ben Savage is not gay.

Who Is Ben Savage’s Boyfriend?

Ben Savage is a straight man and has never dated a man before.

Is Ben Savage Engaged?

Ben Savage is engaged to Tessa Angermeier, his longtime girlfriend. Ben took to Instagram in January 2023 to inform his fans of his engagement.

Is Ben Savage Into Politics?

Ben Savage announced his candidacy for Congress and is reported to have been elected to represent Los Angeles on March 6, 2023.

Ben Savage Represents Which Political Party?

Ben Savage announced this week that he will run as a Democrat for Rep. Adam Schiff’s congressional seat in southern California. “I firmly believe in standing up for what is right, ensuring equality, and expanding opportunities for all,” Savage stated on March 6, 2023, in an Instagram post.

Does Ben Savage Have an Emmy?

As of March 2023, Ben Savage hasn’t won an Emmy.

What Is Ben Savage’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ben Savage has an estimated net worth of $8 million.