Is Betty Pregnant? Is Cooper’s Pregnancy a Shocking Twist in “Riverdale”?

Is Betty Pregnant? Archie and Betty have had a complicated love story in Riverdale. After a seven-year gap, Archie (KJ Apa) comes back from the military, and Betty (Lili Reinhart) takes a break from her FBI job. They meet again, but their reunion isn’t very romantic, and it doesn’t last long.

They agree to keep their time together a secret, but in the Season 5 finale, they become an official couple called ‘Barchie.’ Now, hints suggest that Archie and Betty might be having a baby in Season 6 of Riverdale. So, is Betty Cooper really going to have a baby in Season 6?

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Is Betty Pregnant? Is Betty Expecting in Riverdale?

is betty pregnant

Yes, Betty was pregnant. Betty Cooper is a character in Riverdale. In this story, she’s an FBI agent and a teacher. She really wanted to have a baby. 

She worked with Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and the town to do a strange ritual involving sacrificing Archie to Maple Maiden. This ritual resulted in her becoming pregnant with Archie’s child. Betty confessed to Archie:

“You need to believe me when I tell you… there’s nothing more that I want than to have your baby. Not just for you, but for me. I love you so much. I want to create a life with you. I want to be the mother of your child, our child.”

But her baby was taken away by a spooky figure called La Llorona.

Despite this sad event, Betty continued to do her job, which involved investigating a dangerous killer in the town. It turned out that this killer was actually the Devil in disguise. In a shocking twist, Betty unintentionally caused the death of a character named Glen and buried him under her house.

Later in the story, Betty ends up marrying Archie, but she has to make a difficult choice to save their town. She had to kill Archie to help her friend Jughead (Cole Sprouse) save Rivervale and Riverdale.

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The Heartbreaking Tale: How Betty Lost Her Baby to La Llorona?

is betty pregnant

Betty talks baby names with Kevin – Archie for a boy, Polly for a girl. Cheryl interrupts, asking Alice to babysit due to a spirit scaring her twins. 

Betty seeks Toni’s help in a case where a Serpent mom, Lucinda, is accused of drowning her daughter, Xandra. The FBI wants charges, but Toni (Vanessa Morgan) thinks Lucinda is innocent. Lucinda claims a spirit named La Llorona did it. But Betty doubts her.

La Llorona visits Betty, touching her belly. Betty wakes up with a dirty handprint on her stomach. The next day, she learns that she lost her baby in the womb, confirming Toni and Lucinda’s story. 

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Betty calls Toni for help and reassures Tabitha about Jughead. They realize La Llorona follows a path from Sweetwater River. They ask Cheryl and Nana Rose for help. 

La Llorona possesses Nana Rose, revealing she was once Martha Mallon, blamed for child deaths and drowned by the townsfolk. And Darla was the one who summoned her from her son’s grave.

Betty and Toni find Darla but Darla tells them that she can’t stop La Llorona. Once summoned there is no way to stop La Llorona. They learn that she seeks Anthony. 

They rush to the Whyte Wyrm, finding Serpents who say La Llorona took Anthony to Sweetwater River. They arrive in time, and Toni trades herself for Anthony. Toni becomes La Llorona to save him and asks Betty to protect Anthony.