Is Bijan Robinson Gay? Rumored to Be Dating a Jeweler!

Bijan Robinson is in the spotlight as people speculate if he is gay. The American football player, has been rumored to date men, but is he really gay, according to all the rumors?

Or are all the rumors just baseless gossip? Find out all there is to know about Bijan Robinson on this page!

Who is Bijan Robinson?

Is Bijan Robinson Gay?

Bijan Robinson is an American football running back for the University of Texas Longhorns. He was one of the best high school prospects in the nation for the 2020 class and ESPN’s #1 prospect at running back.

For the Longhorns in 2020, Robinson had a standout freshman campaign. He rushed for 703 yards and four touchdowns on just 86 attempts, averaging an impressive 8.2 yards per carry.

He is regarded as one of the sport’s most promising young players and is anticipated to have a successful career.

Is Bijan Robinson Gay?


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No, Bijan Robinson Is Not Gay. Despite several claims to the contrary, he has never dated a man. Given that he posted an Instagram image on April 9, 2023, with jeweler Leo Khusro, it has been assumed that he is gay.

Since then, fans have believed the two are dating. But neither of them has provided a formal denial. Therefore, there is no evidence to suggest that he is gay, and since he has never responded to the claims, we cannot confirm that he is gay.

Who Is Bijan Robinson Currently Dating?

Is Bijan Robinson Gay?

He was reportedly seen with a woman named Samara Turrentinee, but neither party has confirmed the rumors that have circulated online. Robinson is reportedly single right now and is totally devoted to his NFL profession.

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Why is Bijan Robinson a Popular Figure in College Football and Beyond?

Is Bijan Robinson Gay?

The reasons why Bijan Robinson is well-liked are varied. He was one of the best high school prospects in the nation for the 2020 class and is a tremendously gifted football player.

Fans, coaches, and sports experts have recognized and praised him for his extraordinary abilities on the field.

Robinson also represents the University of Texas, which has a sizable and devoted fan following. He is part of a program with a successful history and a large fan base as a member of the Longhorns football team.

Robinson’s endearing character and modest approach have further boosted his appeal.

On and off the field, he has received accolades for his work ethic, leadership, and upbeat demeanor. He has become well-liked both within collegiate football and outside of it as a result of all of these qualities.

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What is Bijan Robinson’s Net Worth?

Is Bijan Robinson Gay?

According to GH Gossip, Bijan Robinson has an estimated net worth of $2–3 million.

According to current NCAA regulations, Robinson is not permitted to profit directly from his athletic prowess or name, image, and likeness (NIL) as a collegiate football player.

The NCAA, however, changed its NIL policies in July 2021, allowing collegiate athletes to make money from their name, image, and likeness through endorsement deals, sponsorships, and other ventures.

If Robinson’s future pursuits of these alternatives are permitted by the NCAA and adhere to all applicable legal requirements, they may be pursued.

Robinson’s athletic scholarship from the University of Texas, which pays for his tuition, room, and board, and other costs associated with his studies and involvement on the football team, may be able to help him out financially in the meantime.

In accordance with NCAA regulations, he may also get stipends for living costs and other associated expenditures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bijan Robinson

Who is Bijan Robinson?

Bijan Robinson is an American football running back for the University of Texas Longhorns.

Is Bijan Robinson Gay?

No, Bijan Robinson is not gay.

Who is Bijan Robinson’s Boyfriend?

Bijan Robinson hasn’t dated any men.

Who is Bijan Robinson Currently Dating?

As of April 2023, Bijan Robinson is single.

What is Bijan Robinson’s Net Worth?

Bijan Robinson has an estimated net worth of $2–3 million.