Is Birdman Gay? The Lip Lock With Lil’ Wayne Still Fresh In Public’s Mind

Is Birdman Gay? Birdman is a famous rapper who is often seen in the news headlines for his work and personal life ‘scandals’. Bryan Christopher Williams, who is better known by his stage name- Birdman is also Cash Money Records Founder.

One such was the moment he shared with Lil Wayne, another profound rapper in the industry. The camera captured the two American rappers kissing each other on the lips and the pics broke the internet with people wondering over the relationship the two share.

Keep reading the article to uncover the secret behind the kiss Birdman and Lil Wayne shared and to debunk the rumors claiming that Birdman is gay. Is he really gay or are these mere rumors with no backing?

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Is Birdman Gay?

No, Birdman is not gay. The Cash Money Records founder has only been involved in romantic relationships with women. The rumors surrounding his sexuality and the speculations of Birdman being gay began after he was spotted kissing Lil Wayne, another male rapper, on the lips.

However, in an interview, Birdman made it clear that they are not in that kind of relationship. He also sat down for an interview with the Big Facts podcast and cleared the ‘kiss’ issue. Again in 2016, he talked about his sexuality in an interview with Hot97’s Ebro In The Morning hosts.

“Come on man, I am a straight gangsta, nobody knows what’s happening with me. N**gas think it’s funny and stuff, but n**gas don’t know what’s happening with me, man.”

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Is Lil’ Wayne Gay?

is birdman gay

According to the reports Lil Wayne is gay. According to Glamsquad Magazine, Birdman also revealed in an interview that Lil Wayne is ‘gay as hell’ and wants to be several male artists in showbiz. It is, however, speculated that this was done intentionally to violate Wayne’s reputation.

”He gay as hell. He tried to be with me, Drake, and even the boy Rick Ross, but he was after Drake more than everybody else and Drake wrote the song “Doing It Wrong” for him, cause he ain’t wanna be with him.”