Is Bobby Brazier Gay? Jade Goody’s Son Came Out Of The Closet?

Is Bobby Brazier Gay? Bobby Jack Brazier grew up as the center of attention of media and global fans since he was a child. That’s what you get for being brought up in a family of international superstars.

But apart from being recognized by his parents, Jade Goody and Jeff Brazier’s name, he has made an identity of his own in showbiz. Brazier has worked together with big brands like HUGA Chief, Burberry, and Miu. He has also been featured on the Vogue magazine cover.

Brazier has successfully captivated fans all over the world with his charming looks and powerful personality. However, one question has been lingering around his personal life for ages now. Fans are curious to know if Bobby Brazier is Gay. Keep reading this article, we have got it all covered for you!

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Is Bobby Brazier Gay?

is bobby brazier gay

No, Bobby Brazier is not gay. Although Bobby Brazier has never confronted the questions asked regarding his sexuality or addressed any rumors about him being gay, evidence deny the rumors. We have conducted thorough research and sources suggest that the star is not gay and that the rumors are baseless.

The rumors began just because Bobby Brazier has been associated with the fashion industry and has been a successful model working with big companies like HUGO Boss and Burberry.

People often misunderstand male models to be synonymous with being homosexual. However, this is a misconception and there are a plethora of male models in the fashion industry who have confirmed not being gay.

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Is Bobby Brazier Dating Someone?

is bobby brazier gay

There have been various theories surrounding the potential and possible partners of Bobby Brazier. Some fans, however, deny all of the speculations and assert that Bobby Brazier is not seeing anyone right now.

However, he has been captured on camera a few times with a female companion and most of his fans believe that the two are dating. Previously, Bobby Brazier was associated with model Liberty Love but the two split up after dating for some time. The star is definitely in a healthy relationship with his worth though. He has recently been confirmed as the twelfth celebrity contestant for Strictly Come Dancing. The news was revealed on August 9, on BBC Breakfast.

“I’m so excited to be part of the Strictly line up, I can’t wait to start training like a professional dancer and adding a few moves to my locker. I’m looking forward to performing in front of everyone, it’s going to be so much fun!”