Is BoyWithUke Gay? Unmasking the Sexuality of Masked Internet Personality!

Is BoyWithUke gay? Korean-American alt-pop singer, guitarist, and online sensation BoyWithUke hides his face. With the help of his songs “Toxic” (2021) and “Understand” (2022), he gained success on the social media site TikTok and is now one of the most well-known anonymous musicians there.

As of right now, he is signed to Mercury Records (UMG). However, amidst the intrigue surrounding his haunting melodies and masked identity, a question has lingered in the minds of many: is BoyWithUke gay?

As a faceless artist who shrouds his personal life in mystery, the pursuit of answers regarding his sexual orientation has become a focal point of curiosity.

In this article, we delve into the depths of BoyWithUke’s life exploring the elusive truth behind his sexuality, shedding light on a facet of his identity that remains hidden behind the mask.

Is BoyWithUke Gay?

is boywithuke gay

No, BoyWithUke is not gay. While BoyWithUke’s personal life has remained veiled in mystery, leading to speculations about his sexual orientation, it’s essential to consider the available evidence.

Despite the limited information surrounding his life, one noteworthy point stands out. In an interview, BoyWithUke openly mentioned having a girlfriend. This revelation should serve as a clear indication of his heterosexual orientation.

It underscores the importance of not jumping to conclusions solely based on limited information and highlights the significance of respecting an artist’s privacy when they choose to keep certain aspects of their life under wraps.

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Why BoyWithUke Hide His Identity?

is boywithuke gay

In an interview with Billboard, while answering why he performs behind an opaque face shield, two unblinking LED eyes set onto black plastic, the 21-year-old singer said:

“Growing up, I was in a very judgmental environment and I was bullied for my voice. “I was afraid of how people would view me if they knew it was me singing. 

Having the mask, it allows me to be myself without fear of judgment from others. And I want people to really pay attention to the music, rather than what I look like.”

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Who Is BoyWithUke Dating?

is boywithuke gay

It is not known if BoyWithUke is single or still dating his girlfriend he mentioned in the same interview last year. While talking about his song Long Drives the masked singer said:

“It means a lot to me, just because I’m in a long distance relationship right now. My girlfriend goes to school in Boston, and it’s just tough sometimes having to go on long drives to go and see her – and there’s some rational and irrational fears I have about long-distance relationships that are all covered in the song.”

He learned the ukulele just to impress his girlfriend but later it became a part of his music journey. In 2022 the 21-year-old singer confessed:

Around two years ago, I was talking to the girl who is now my girlfriend. She showed me a video of her friend playing the ukulele at a talent show, and she said, “Oh my God, it’s so cool. She’s so talented.” Then I knew, like, “Oh, my God, I have to learn the ukulele, so I can impress this girl.”