Is Brandon Blackwell Gay? What Is the Sexuality of ‘The Chase’ Star?

Is Brandon Blackwell gay? The ABC game show “The Chase” is still going strong as it matches up-and-coming hopeful participants against some of the finest to ever compete for the chance to earn significant cash prizes.

People have been quite curious about the personal lives of all five chasers since the premiere of Chase Season 3 on the ABC Network. Still, today we’re going to focus on Brandon Blackwell because many people believe he is gay.

So is Brandon Blackwell homosexual in real life? Or are these rumors just untrue? To learn the truth about the professional quizzer’s sexual orientation, let’s get right in and read the article.

Who Is Brandon Blackwell On ‘The Chase’?

is brandon blackwell gay

In spite of being a slacker in class for most of his youth and early adolescence, Brandon Blackwell was raised in Queens, New York, where he spent all of his free time reading and studying.

He also watched game shows as a child, so it didn’t take him long to decide to try his hand at them. This led to a win on the “Million Second Quiz” which was valued at more than a third of a million dollars.

By the time he was 20 years old, Blackwell had participated in three different quiz programs and earned close to $400,000 as per ABC.

Blackwell made the decision to take quizzing seriously in 2014 and entered the American circuit. He made his international debut in 2016 in the Athens Quiz Olympics, where he took home two medals, including a gold in the global speed quizzing category.

In order to train in the UK and play for some of the greatest trivia clubs in the world, Blackwell permanently left the American trivia scene in 2017.

He has won many London Open medals and a President’s Cup in the Quiz League of London, in addition to two fourth-place finishes in the British Quizzing Championship couples section.

Blackwell is perhaps most known for being a champion and one of the all-time top scorers on “University Challenge,” a popular British quiz show that many claims “makes ‘Jeopardy!’ look like a walk in the park” as per The US Sun.

After placing second overall in the Under-30 World Quizzing Championships in 2020 and 38th overall in the World Quizzing Championships in 2021, Blackwell is still a regular at high-level quiz events outside the United States.

He presently competes for one of the top quiz teams in the world, whose star player is none other than Victoria Groce, a fellow Chaser.

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Is Brandon Blackwell Gay?

is brandon blackwell gay

No, Brandon Blackwell is not gay. Being a quiet guy who loves his privacy, Brandon Blackwell has remained taciturn about disclosing details about himself.

While some people could make assumptions about his sexual orientation, it’s crucial to remember that he hasn’t made any information about his private life—including his sexual orientation in public.

Although he has described himself in his Twitter bio as a trans-Atlantic television quiz villain (@thechaseabc etc). Pokemon master. not here to make friends™.” This could have fueled the gay rumors but it has nothing to do with his sexuality.

It is important to note that he has stated his support for equality and that he believes in it. He stressed the value of giving players in competitive quizzes equal opportunity, regardless of their caste, religion, or gender, in a tweet.

In response to a Twitter user’s question on how diverse individuals are portrayed on the program “Sex Education,” Brandon said that such idealized depictions do not always match the reality that most high school students encounter.

Brandon acknowledges and values the upbeat portrayal provided in the program, despite his guarded personality.

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Is Brandon Blackwell Married?

is brandon blackwell gay

No, Brandon Blackwell is not married as of now. Long remarks praising Brandon’s attractiveness and captivating personality have been posted on social media.

As a consequence, plenty of people have been speculating about Brandon’s marital status and family situation. The truth is that it’s unclear if Brandon has been abducted or not.

Brandon seems to be committed to advancing his profession and dominating his industry. Not to add, there are no indications of a romantic relationship on Brandon’s social media profiles.

So, either Brandon is operating alone or he just likes to keep his personal life private. We fully appreciate it regardless of how it turns out.