Is Bree From Home And Away Pregnant In Real Life? Reel Life Bree Could Not Find Happiness But Real Juliet Did!

Is Bree From Home And Away Pregnant In Real Life? Juliet Godwin, who is popularly known for her role as Dr. Bree Cameron in the blockbuster series Home and Away, is back with a new surprise for her fans.

The show has been going on since 2022 and has been on top of the charts. The drama has captivated everyone, from teens to adults. What has caught fans’ eyes recently is the photograph of the celebrity where she looks heavily pregnant. Keeping in mind her real-life lovely relationship and the photograph, fans concluded that Dr. Bree is pregnant in real life.

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Is Bree From Home And Away Pregnant In Real Life?

is bree from home and away pregnant in real life

No, Juliet Godwin who plays Bree in Home and Away is not pregnant in real life. The star was photographed on the streets of the UK with a cute little but visible baby bump, sparking rumors about her pregnancy. However, some fans believe that it is probably the upcoming plot twist in Home And Away. Godwin has recently hinted towards a surprise for fans in the upcoming episodes. According to Digital Spy, she also revealed that there is a fun twist coming ahead for Bree and Remi.

“I can’t give too much away, I mean the drama is real. It’s going to be pretty cool to watch Remi and Bree navigate this new little relationship they have going.”

Juliet Godwin has not addressed the rumors herself, neither has her representatives said anything about it. As there is no source to confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors, fans stay divided – some believe that Bree is pregnant in real life, while others believe it was just for the show.

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Who Is Dr. Bree Dating In Real Life?

is bree from home and away pregnant in real life

Dr. Bree, aka Juliet Godwin, is currently dating Sam Masters. The star opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend Sam Masters in an interview with Adelaide Now. She revealed that she met him at a party and the two have been in a relationship for more than a year.

“He couldn’t resist my awesome ’70s dance moves. I showed him how good I was at the sprinkler and the rest is history.”

She also revealed how her real relationship is the complete opposite of her reel relationship with Dr. Bree. Dr. Bree was in an abusive marriage in the series and had to take firm steps to break off from the shackles of her psychopathic lover, Jacob.