Is CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Pregnant? The Truth About Her Rumored Pregnancy!

American journalist Brianna Marie Keilar, born in Australia on September 21, 1980, previously co-anchored CNN’s New Day with John Berman. She has experience working for CNN in Washington as a White House journalist, senior political correspondent, congressional correspondent, and general assignment correspondent.

Before that, Keilar was a national correspondent for CNN Newsource, based in Washington. She hosted CNN Right Now with Brianna Keilar before joining New Day.

On May 2, 2009, Keilar and Dave French got married. They separated afterward. Fernando Lujan, a Green Beret on active duty who was then a director on the National Security Council at the White House, and Keilar announced their engagement in July 2016. On December 31, 2016, Brooke Baldwin revealed that Keilar and Lujan had tied the knot the night before in Las Vegas on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live.

Is Brianna Keilar Pregnant?

is brianna keilar pregnant

No, Brianna Keilar is not pregnant. The couple has made no announcement or confirmation of the pregnancy. She had a prior union with Dave French. The pair had a formal wedding on May 2, 2009. In 2016, they got a divorce. In the same year, she publicly engaged Lt. Col. Fernando Lujan.

After that, the pair were hitched in Las Vegas on December 30, 2016. Her and Lujan’s first child, Antonio Allen Martinez Lujan, was born on June 8, 2018. Lt.Colonel Fernando couldn’t be with his wife Keilar since he was in Japan. On a Thursday afternoon, she went into labor and drove herself to in under 40 minutes to Georgetown University Hospital. Keilar and her husband Lujan were blessed with a son from Lujan’s previous marriage.

After work, Keilar spends her nights with her two boys and husband; this was done to keep her in shape and divert her focus from her profession. The entire family might be seen enjoying themselves together because she finds spending time with her family challenging. Despite this, she successfully balanced her personal and professional lives.

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Brianna Keilar’s Husband, Fernando Lujan

is brianna keilar pregnant

On December 30, 2016, Keilar and Fernando Lujan exchanged vows in Las Vegas. Fernando is the director for Afghanistan and Pakistan in the White House National Security Council. She wed her first spouse, Dave French, on May 2, 2009; however, they divorced in 2011.

Brianna’s son, Antonio Allen Martinez Lujan, was born on June 8, 2018. She has a stepson named Teddy Lujan, Lujan’s oldest child from a previous union. Her parents were Glenn and Miriam Allen Keilar. Her mother is American, but her father is from Australia.

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Brianna’s Career as News Reporter

At the CBS station KIMA in Yakima, Washington, Keilar started her broadcasting career. On the current hits station KFFM, she co-hosted the morning drivetime program Billy, Blue, and Brianna: The Morning Zoo. A CBS broadcast aired on MTVU, MTV’s student network, included her as an anchor, a reporter, and a producer before she transitioned to CBS News.

She also worked as a substitute anchor for Up to the Minute on CBS News and as a freelance reporter for the CBS Evening News weekend edition. As a reporter for CNN Newsource, Keilar moved from CBS to CNN, where she covered breaking news stories and reported from the capital for the network’s 800 partner stations, including the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, when she was the first CNN correspondent on the ground.

For her fall 2008 coverage of the $700 billion bank bailout, which she did while covering Congress, Keilar received the 2009 Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress from the National Press Foundation. Keilar received the 2014 Aldo Beckman Memorial Award from the White House Correspondents’ Association for her reporting on the implementation of Obamacare while covering the Obama White House.