Is Brianna Madia Pregnant? The Van-Life Influencer Preparing To Welcome Her First Baby?

Is Brianna Madia Pregnant? Brianna Madia is a popular influencer on social media, followed by thousands of people. One thing unique about this social media influencer is the fact that Brianna is not just any social media influencer but a van-life influencer.

People have always been curious as to how she manages everything in a van. The trail of questions ranges from everything, from her sleep schedule to her eating habits to her decision to include her dogs in the journey. Fans and followers were recently engaged with a series of non-stop questions regarding her pregnancy.

Keep reading the article to know if Brianna Madia is pregnant. And if she is, how is that going to affect her van-life schedule?

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Is Brianna Madia Pregnant?

is brianna madia pregnant

No, Brianna Madia is not pregnant. The rumors began after the social media van-life influencer posts new posts on her social media accounts, making fans speculate if she was expecting a child any time soon. However, sad to break it to you, the van-life influencer, Brianna Madia is not expecting a child anytime soon.

Brianna has said and proved this before as well, she is a happy mom to her fur babies. She narrated the tale of her babies on the journey with her in her beautifully written memoir ‘Never Leave The Dogs Behind A Memoir’. It is available for pre-order on Audible.

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Recent Reddit Controversy

is brianna madia pregnant

With over 311k followers on Instagram, Brianna Madia has successfully conveyed her story to many people. However, not everything is rosy on social media. And just like many other social media influencers, Brianna Madia too, became a subject of several Reddit “snark” forums.

However, she did not sit quiet on this and decided to investigate. She was determined to expose the haters who she claimed, tarnished her life. She successfully exposed and identified 200 ‘snarkers’. She told an insider about how it felt after doing so.

“I sat with these names for over a year trying to figure out do I really wanna go through with doing anything This is exhausting. I just want it to go away. And I just started dropping names and it felt so good.”

The biggest shock in this whole controversy was the involvment of her now ex-husband Keith who has been a part of forums and has been revealing stuff about the donations fraud, and other things the two did as a couple.