Is Brooklyn Pregnant in Real Life? A Comprehensive Exploration into the Personal Life of the Actress!!

Is Brooklyn Pregnant in Real Life? Amanda Setton is from New York City, born on December 16, 1985. She grew up in Great Neck. During high school, she was the vice president of the theater club. Later, she studied drama at Ithaca College, graduating in 2007. 

In her junior year, she went to Barcelona, Spain, as part of an IES program. Amanda completed a two-year Meisner technique program at The Actor’s Workshop of Ithaca, guided by Eliza VanCort

You might know her from her recurring role as Penelope Shafai in Gossip Girl. She also played Kimberly Andrews in the soap opera One Life to Live and Brook Lynn Quartermaine in General Hospital. She even performed in the comedy play Love, Loss, and What I Wore in late 2011. Amanda was part of the first half of season one of The Mindy Project on Fox.

Now, let’s dig into a rumor about whether Brooklyn is pregnant in real life. So, buckle up as we explore this topic in the upcoming part of the article!

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Unraveling the Speculation: Is Brooklyn Pregnant in Real Life?

is brooklyn pregnant in real life

No, Amanda is not expecting a baby right now. She was pregnant before, back in 2020, and during that time, she took some time off work for her maternity leave. This means she was pregnant in real life while filming for the show. 

In August 2020, she went on maternity leave to make sure her baby was born healthy. So, during the shooting of the show in 2020, she was carrying a baby. But now, she is not pregnant anymore.

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The Enigma of Amanda Setton’s Relationship Status: Delving into the Private Life of the Actress!!

is brooklyn pregnant in real life

Amanda Setton keeps her personal life pretty private, especially when it comes to things outside of her work. She might be married, but there’s not much information available about her spouse. 

Amanda is not really into social media, and she doesn’t share a lot about herself. The only person she was publicly known to be connected with was Adam Levine. They had a short romantic relationship in 2013. 

However, after breaking up with Amanda, Adam went on to date and later marry Behati Prinsloo. So, Amanda’s personal life remains a bit of a mystery, with limited details known to the public.