Is Busta Rhymes Gay? The Rapper Spills Drink Over a Woman Who Touched His Butt!

Busta Rhymes has been in the news recently for his sexual preferences. Fans of the American rapper are unsure whether he is gay.

Fans are curious about his sexual orientation after he became famous for spilling water on a woman who touched his butt. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about Busta Rhymes that has recently occurred!

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?

No, Busta Rhymes Is Not Gay. Busta had not been seen dating any men as of 2023, and had only been seen dating women. There have been no reports that Busta is gay.

Busta Rhymes Spills Drink Over a Woman Who Touched His Butt!

After pouring a drink on a woman, Busta Rhymes has become quite popular, and his supporters don’t blame him! In a video that has now gone viral, Busta and his staff can be seen walking together. Busta is approached by a fan who tries to get his attention.

When the fan grabs Busta’s behind and tries to go away without being caught, things get worse. Busta tosses his drink at her as his team looks on.

Several people are now questioning whether he is gay in light of this incident. Nonetheless, grabbing someone without their permission is still rude and degrading, regardless of whether he is gay or not.

Several of the rapper’s supporters believe that it was OK for him to throw a drink at her. Busta hasn’t spoken out about the incident since, but a lot of people on social media support his choice. After all, the man endured a sexual offense in 4K and remained composed.

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Is Busta Rhymes Single?

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?

Fans still want to know if Busta Rhymes is still single, despite the fact that he has dated numerous women throughout his life. The rapper hasn’t been spotted dating anyone as of 2023.

Despite Busta being active on social media, there are no updates regarding his dating life. Thus it stands to reason that Busta must be single.

How Did Busta Rhymes Get Famous?

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?

His popularity increased as a result of their appearance on the song “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest. As the trio disbanded shortly after, Rhymes rose to fame as a solo artist and contributed to several songs for other musicians before releasing his solo debut album, The Coming (1996).

And after continually working hard for years, he obtained enormous popularity with his singles, like “Break Ya Neck” (2001), “I Know What You Want” (2002), and “Touch It” (2006), to mention a few.

Busta Rhymes Is Retiring?

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?

As of February 2023, Busta Rhymes is 50 years old, and fans are already speculating if he is going to retire. Although he once stated that he would never retire, Media Mass is reporting that the rapper will be retiring soon! This is indeed sad news for the rapper’s fans.

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What Is Busta Rhymes’s Net Worth?

Is Busta Rhymes Gay?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Busta Rhymes is worth an estimated $20 million. Busta Rhymes has established himself as one of the most renowned individuals in the hip-hop community after a protracted and outstanding career.

His complex rhymes and quick rapping style have made him particularly well-known. He has been hailed as one of history’s finest MCs by numerous critics.

Busta Rhymes has been nominated for 11 Grammys over his career. He has also achieved fame as an actor in addition to his music.