Is Caitlin Foord Married? Australian Football Player Got Married To Girlfriend Lia?

Is Caitlin Foord Married? Caitlin Foord is an Australian Professional Soccer player who has won millions of hearts with her spectacular skills on the field. Having been nominated for various awards including the ‘Bronze Ball Award’ and the ‘Silver Boot Award’, the player has made it to international newspapers in the past.

Well, it is repeating and Foord is back on the headlines but for a different reason this time. Recently, the release of the Disney+ documentary of the Matildas, ‘The World At Our Feet’, has created a huge commotion with several players coming out as gay. This also sparked speculation regarding the current marital status of Caitlin Foord.

Keep reading the article to know more and uncover the truth behind Caitlin Foord’s marriage.

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Is Caitlin Foord Married?

Is Caitlin Foord Married?No, Caitlin Foord is not married. Foord is currently focusing on her career as a leading football player in the world. If anything, she is married to her career as of now.

Caitlin Foord is the youngest Australian football player to play in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. She was just in her teens at the time. Foord wishes to continue making her name in the World of Sports.

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Who Is Caitlin Foord Dating?

Is Caitlin Foord Married?

Caitlin Foord is dating Lia Walti for quite some time now. Lia Walti is a professional Swiss football player who currently plays as a midfielder for Arsenal FC and the Swiss national team. Doesn’t it sound like fate?!

The two met on the field when they joined Arsenal and after knowing a little about each other, they finally decided to be together. It is speculated that the two got together during the outbreak of Covid-19 when the entire world was locked in their homes. The two began living together during the period.

The two have been vocal about their relationship and have been sharing updates on how it is going between them via social media.