Is Callie Gullickson Pregnant? Possible Pregnancy and the Speculations That Have Swept Across Social Media Platforms!!

Is Callie Gullickson Pregnant? Meet Callie Gullickson, a cool person living in New York City. She does three awesome things – she helps people get fit (that’s the trainer part), she performs, and she models. 

Callie’s originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, and she comes from a super athletic family! Her dad played professional baseball, one sister won the US Open, another sister won a big college tennis thing, and her other siblings got scholarships for being great at sports in college.

Now, Callie learned early on that to be successful. She was determined to be like her family, so she fell in love with dance. She went to college and got a degree in commercial dance. 

After college, she signed up with State Model Management to do modeling stuff and McDonald Selznick Associates to dance. Moving and grooving have always been a big part of Callie’s life, and that’s how she got into group fitness. 

She’s good at high-intensity workouts (HIIT), strength training, dance, and boxing. Her special style is called Grit & Grace – it’s like a mix of being strong and graceful at the same time. It’ll make you feel powerful and positive!

And guess what? Callie recently shared some awesome news on her Instagram. Let’s check it out together and see what’s going on!

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Unveiling the Mystery: Is Callie Gullickson Pregnant?

Guess what? Callie Gullickson has some exciting news to share – she will have a baby! She happily told everyone on her Instagram, where she has more than 340,000 followers. 

In a picture she posted with her husband, Chris Howell, both were holding an ultrasound, and you could see the joy on their faces – they were smiling so brightly! 

Callie let everyone know that the baby is expected to arrive around March, and she wrote a message under the photo. She said:

“Feeling so incredibly blessed to bring a little us into the world. BABY HOWELL coming March 2024.” 

Chris Howell and Callie got married in 2021. Callie has been part of Peloton since June 2021, and it seems like it’s becoming a trend for Peloton instructors to share their personal stories.

Other Peloton instructors have also shared similar news, making it feel like a big Peloton family. If you’re a fan, you can get updates through the newsletter.

This sweet news brings a personal touch to the Peloton community that usually focuses on fitness, showing that the instructors have lives outside the workout room. Keep an eye out for more updates as this exciting part of Callie’s life continues.

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Unlocking the Secrets to Callie Gullickson’s Health and Wellness!!

is callie gullickson pregnant

Callie Gullickson has some favorite foods to stay energized throughout her busy days. For breakfast, she likes a healthy bowl of oats with a spoonful of almond butter. 

Since her job keeps her physically active, she includes salads in her meals, especially Mediterranean-style salads. On hectic days, she relies on pre-made lemon pepper grilled chicken to ensure she gets enough protein.

Callie makes sure her fridge is stocked with foods that match her taste and nutritional preferences. She keeps boiled eggs, various nuts like coconut cashews, sliced mangoes, and dried fruits on hand.

But for special occasions or when she wants a treat, Callie has two favorite dishes: pasta and vodka. These dishes are something she enjoys and are a special part of her food choices.