Is Calvert Lewin Gay? Know Everything About The Everton Footballer’s Love Life

Is Calvert Lewin Gay? Calvert Lewin, full name – Dominic Calvert-Lewin, is a professional football player who plays for the Everton club and the England National team. The football star who began his career with the youth academy, Sheffield United, and reached the heights of success, is on the top searches of Google, but for a very different reason.

People are curious about the sexual orientation of the star. One of the most searched questions about the star is -Is Calvert Lewin Gay? But don’t you worry, we have got it all covered.

From Calver Lewin being gay to his partner, we have answers to all of your questions. Keep reading the to article know if Calvert Lewin is gay or if it’s just another rumor.

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Is Calvert Lewin Gay?

is calvert lewin gay

No, Dominic Calvert-Lewin is not gay. The rumors began with the latest fashion sense adopted by the football star. He was recently seen wearing a white double-breasted blazer with matching white trousers and a pair of Gucci loafers. Further, Lewin also took a Chanel handbag and wore rounded glasses to complete the look.

A lot of users felt that this was Lewin’s way of coming out as gay in the public eye. However, the rumors are all baseless and Calvert Lwein is not gay.

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Who Is Calvert Lewin Dating?

is calvert lewin gay

Calvert Lewin is currently in a relationship with Sandra Jerze. Last month, the Everton forward announced that he is expecting a baby with the love of his life, his current partner, Sandra. According to Daily Mail, the couple announced their first pregnancy on Instagram where Jerze had put a cute caption-

“Big belly rude gyal is what your dad calls me every day. We love you to the (moon) and back.”