Is Carlos from Strictly Gay? Debunking the Rumors Surrounding Strictly Professional’s Sexuality!

Is Carlos from Strictly Gay? Meet Carlos Gu, the talented Chinese dancer and choreographer who has been making waves on the British BBC One television series, Strictly Come Dancing, since 2022.

As one of the four new professionals added to the show that year, Carlos, alongside his counterparts, brought fresh energy and skill to the dance floor.

Boasting an impressive track record, he is the Chinese National Dance Champion according to BBC, and has achieved multiple world semi-finalist titles.

With a third-place finish at the German Open Championship and the honor of being the UK’s Amateur Latin Rising Star Runner-Up in 2017, Carlos has solidified his status as a dance force to be reckoned with.

As the 2023 season of Strictly Come Dancing unfolds, all eyes are on Carlos, particularly regarding his personal life.

Rumors have been circulating about his sexuality, prompting many to wonder: Is Carlos from Strictly Gay? Let’s delve into the details and separate fact from fiction in this exploration of Carlos Gu’s life beyond the dance floor.

Is Carlos from Strictly Gay?

is carlos from strictly gay

No, Carlos from Stricly is not gay. Despite the speculation surrounding Carlos Gu‘s sexuality, there is currently no credible information confirming that he is gay.

The talented dancer and choreographer, known for his impressive achievements in the world of dance, has not publicly addressed or confirmed any rumors about his personal life.

It’s essential to approach such matters with respect for an individual’s privacy and to rely on verified information rather than unfounded speculations.

As fans continue to enjoy Carlos’s performances on Strictly Come Dancing 2023, let’s appreciate his skill on the dance floor and respect his right to keep certain aspects of his personal life private.

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Who Is Carlos Gu Currently Dating?

is carlos from strictly gay

As of now, Carlos from Strictly Come Dancing seems to be navigating the dance of life solo. The charismatic dancer has been quite discreet about his romantic life, keeping the details under wraps.

Despite spending a significant amount of time with his dance partner Susan Sun and sharing snapshots of himself with female friends on social media, the nature of these relationships remains unconfirmed in terms of romance.

It’s worth noting that, unlike some of his fellow Strictly professionals who are often rumored to be romantically involved with their dance partners, Carlos has taken a different route.

In the current season, he is paired up with Irish presenter and author Angela Scanlon, a married woman. However, this pairing doesn’t negate the possibility of a strong friendship, as Angela and Carlos indeed share a close bond.

In the previous season, Carlos danced his way to the finals with partner Molly Rainford. Despite their on-screen chemistry, it turns out their connection was strictly platonic.

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Notably, Carlos imposed a “dating ban” on Molly, focusing solely on perfecting their dance routines and winning the competition.

It appears that Carlos Gu is not just a sensational dancer but also a professional who knows how to separate the dance floor from matters of the heart.