Is Carter Kench Gay? Dressing as a Girl on Social Media Platforms Sparks Speculations!

Is Carter Kench gay? American TikToker, YouTuber, and social media sensation Carter Kench, alias Cringe Carter. On his TikTok account, cringe Carter typically posts comedic videos and lip-syncs videos with illuminating remarks. His TikTok account now has over 7 million followers.

His Instagram account, which he created himself, has more than 301K followers, and he uses it to interact with his followers by putting his beautiful photos and articles there.

Many people are curious about his personal life after viewing the subjects of his videos and images and the manner in which he produces his content. The majority of people want to know about his sexuality, with many of them assuming that he is homosexual.

So, Carter Kench, is he actually gay? Or are these rumors just untrue? Without any further delay, let’s read the article to learn the truth about the sexuality of the TikTok star.

Is Carter Kench Gay?

is carter kench gay

No, Carter Kench is not gay. Carter Kench, despite his immense fame, has never publicly addressed his sexuality. However, it is important to note that people often mistake him for gay due to the nature of his content.

A recent example of this was seen three days ago when he posted an Instagram photo attempting to recreate an iconic Taylor Swift photograph, but the outcome didn’t go as planned.

Additionally, about a month ago, he shared a video on his YouTube channel where he transformed himself into an emo girl.

In the description of the video, he wrote, “I always wondered what life would be like as a girl, and now I’m able to step into my girl best friend’s shoes and strut my stuff! Watch to find out just how good I am at it😏.”

It is evident that these events were intended for entertainment purposes only, rather than indicative of his personal life or sexual orientation.

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Who Is Carter Kench Dating?

is carter kench gay

At present, it appears that Carter Kench is not dating anyone. While he has not publicly revealed the name of his girlfriend, there have been speculations that he might be in a relationship with either Matti Westbrouck or Bailey Rose Spinn.

This assumption is primarily based on the fact that they frequently appear on each other’s Instagram and other social media accounts.

However, it is important to note that Carter has consistently referred to both Matti and Bailey as his best friends in many of his videos and comments.

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Therefore, it seems unlikely that he is romantically involved with either of them. To know for certain whether Carter is dating someone or not, we will have to patiently wait until he chooses to reveal that information himself. Till then stay tuned!