Is Chloe Kelly Gay? Dive Deep Into Lioness’ Sexuality and Personal Life!

Is Chloe Kelly gay? Chloe Kelly is an English forward professional football player who competes for England’s national soccer team and also for the Manchester City club of Women’s Super League club. She played for Arsenal and Everton in the past and was a member of England’s under-17, under-19, and under-20 national teams.

Chloe Kelly makes news as England defeats Australia in the World Cup semifinals. She was essential to the game’s outcome. With more than 100 participants, this competition has become the most widely publicized LGBTQ sporting event in history.

As a result, almost every participant, especially those competing in the competition, including Chloe Kelly this time, had their sexuality assumed.

So is Chloe Kelly gay? Or is she an exception in this tournament? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the soccer player’s sexual orientation.

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Is Chloe Kelly Gay?

is chloe kelly gay

No, Chloe Kelly is not gay. Chloe Kelly’s sexual orientation is often mistaken due to the prevalence of LGBTQ+ players in women’s soccer tournaments. While many women in the sport identify as gay, such as several members of the Matildas and even some Lionesses like Rachel Daly, it’s important not to jump to conclusions about every player.

In Chloe Kelly’s case, a look into her dating life provides a clearer understanding. She is currently dating a man, which is a significant indicator of her heterosexual orientation.

It’s crucial to avoid making assumptions based solely on stereotypes and remember that everyone’s journey of self-discovery is unique.

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Who Is Chloe Kelly Dating?

is chloe kelly gay

Chloe Kelly is currently dating Scott. Scott was formally introduced to Chloe’s followers on July 28, 2019, through a post on Instagram. When she shared the photos, her teammates and supporters flocked to the comments section to give her praise.

Scott, Kelly’s boyfriend, works as a greenkeeper and is in charge of keeping the surrounding areas and athletic fields in good condition and aesthetically pleasing.

Fans conjectured that since Scott is a greenkeeper, they may have met in some sort of match and have been getting close ever since, even though the couple hasn’t revealed how they met or the status of their relationship.

Scott is private and prefers to keep his private life off of social media, in contrast to Chloe. Though he kept it in secret mode, he does have an Instagram account. Scott frequently checks out Chloe’s Instagram feed. The football player occasionally spends time with her devoted lover, and the two appear to be close.

According to Hello!, Chloe Kelly resides in an ultramodern home with her boyfriend Scott, and a pet dog. Scott is additionally close to Chloe’s family and frequently attends Kelly’s family events.