Is Chris Motionless Gay? Let’s Investigate The Rumors

Is Chris Motionless Gay?  Chris Motionless is the lead singer of the American metalcore band Motionless in White. The band has made fans all around the country and is pretty popular among youngsters.

One thing that has always caught the attention of the fans is Chris’ androgynous style and gender-blending stage presence. This is the reason the rumors about Chris Motionless being gay could not be kept out of the way.

Keep reading the article and get ready to debunk the rumors surrounding the sexuality of Chris Motionless with us. Is Chris Motionless gay or is it another hoax?

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Is Chris Motionless Gay?

is chris motionless gay

No, Chris Motionless is not gay. The rumors sparked primarily because of Chris Motionless’ appearance and style. The lead singer of Motionless in White is well known for his androgynous style and gender-blending stage presence. In addition to that, his long hair and makeup preference, are all questioned by his fans and followers.

People often misunderstand his style and assume him to be gay. However, observing his past dating history and noting the fact that he has not addressed the rumors publicly, it is safe to say that Chris Motionless is not gay. The rumors are baseless.

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Who Is Chris Motionless Dating?

is chris motionless gay

It is not clear who Chris Motionless is dating right now. He has dated several women in the past as per the speculations. Most probably, he is still single and was confirmed to be in a relationship from 2013-1018 in the past. He was in a romantic relationship with Gaiapatra at the time and is also said to have dated a woman known as Callie.

He has denied all rumors about him being married. Rumors also suggest that he has dated Sabrina Malfoy in the past for a brief period. He admitted to being in a serious relationship in the past with a girl for almost six years.