Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant Again? Speculations and Questions Surrounding a Possible Second Pregnancy!!

Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant Again? Chrisean Rock, also known as Chrisean Rock, is a well-known American figure who has become famous in the music and reality TV world. She’s a talented rapper and a reality TV star. Chrisean Rock got noticed for being part of the Zeus reality show “Baddies” from its second season in 2022.

Apart from her reality TV appearances, she made her presence even stronger in the entertainment world with her show called “Crazy in Love,” where she appeared alongside the rapper Blueface. Her magnetic personality, musical skills, and her appearances on reality TV have made her a notable and interesting person in the entertainment industry.

Recently, she’s been in the spotlight for a few reasons. She just had a baby in early September, she broke up with Blueface, the father of her child, and she released a new song with Lil Mabu. In this article, we’ll dive into each of these topics and give you all the latest updates.

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Amid Recent Life Changes, Speculation Mounts: Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant Again?

is chrisean rock pregnant again

Chrisean Rock has suggested that she might be pregnant once more, even though it’s been less than two months since she had her first baby.

This surprise came up in a talk with Fashion Nova, which was published on Thursday, October 26. They asked her if she wanted to have more kids. Chrisean Rock said: 

“I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I always knew I wanted to have 12 kids. So, with one baby here, it looks like there’s another one on the way, and I plan to have 10 more in the future!”

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Discussion Surrounding Chrisean Rock’s Previous Baby Daddy and Chrisean’s New Song!!

Chrisean Rock had her first baby with Blueface in early September, and she even live-streamed the birth on Instagram while her friends and family were there, but Blueface wasn’t there. They had already broken up when the baby was born, and even though they got back together briefly, they still don’t get along.

Blueface was with his other child’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis when Chrisean Jr. was born, and he recently asked Jaidyn to marry him.

Chrisean didn’t hold back her feelings about Blueface in a diss track she released with her new boyfriend, Lil Mabu. In the song, they brag about their new relationship and make fun of her baby’s father: 

“MR. TAKE YA B*TCH!! Only thing that’s broke is my fuckin’ water/ Gave birth to my kid, but I hate his father. I used to fuck with blues, now I fuck with ones/ Only fuck with the white boy’s that be totin’ guns.” 

The chorus part has Lil Mabu saying that he took Blueface’s lady and that he likes money, so he took his baby too: 

“And, no, this not a diss/ But I know Wack 100 ain’t gon’ like this/ ‘Cause he fuck with snitches and I don’t like kids/ And he prolly racist and don’t like white kids!”