Is Ciara Pregnant Again? Here’s What You Need to Know About Her Pregnancy!

Is Ciara pregnant again? In addition to parenting Ciara’s son Future Zahir from her former relationship, Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson are loving parents to daughter Sienna Princess, five, and son Win Harrison, two.

But are they planning to have more children? Keep reading to find out what Ciara and Russell have stated regarding having more children in light of the social media rumors.

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Is Ciara Pregnant Again?

The adorable family of Ciara and Russell Wilson is growing by one! The singer, 37, revealed on Instagram on Tuesday that she is expecting her fourth child.

In a black-and-white silhouette video that she put online, the “How We Roll” singer dances in front of a pool and turns to reveal her growing belly while her most recent song plays in the background. She added a caption:

“You look at me like that again, we make another kid… You my heart, I’m your rib.”

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What Has Russell Wilson Said in Regards to Having Children?

is ciara pregnant again

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show in March 2022, Russell shocked Ciara by popping the question. A suggestion for additional children! Do you want me to frighten her more, guys?

Russell made a joke to the crowd. “I want to ask you a question. Very important query. Can we have more children? he inquired.

“I mean, it would be perfect,” the NFL star continued. Please give me at least one more.

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What Has Ciara Stated on Having More Children?

Her answer to the unexpected query? Well, that was certainly not a no! Yes, we can, but it will take some time before we get there. Who knows considering that interview was almost a year ago.

What Have Russell and Ciara Said About Raising a Family?

is ciara pregnant again

The celebrities acknowledged in a PEOPLE interview that their kids “run the house,” but they prefer it that way. Ciara stated, “It’s been so much joy. It’s been a godsend, really.

We now have three times as much affection, you know. The family is the kindest and the pair frequently posts amusing footage of their children on Instagram.