Is Claire Saffitz Pregnant? Expecting A Baby Or Just Rumors?

Is Claire Saffitz Pregnant? Claire Saffitz is an American food writer, celebrity chef, and a profound YouTuber. Her career as a chef skyrocketed when she was working as an editor for Bon Appétit magazine.

Recently, she has been in the news for something more personal than professional. There have been rumors of Clair Saffitz being pregnant. The rumors took birth in her recent on-screen appearances where she looked ‘changed’ in terms of physical appearance.

Keep reading the article to unravel the secret behind her recently changed appearance and to know if Claire Saffitz is pregnant or if is it another hoax.

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Is Claire Saffitz Pregnant?

is claire saffitz pregnant

No, Claire Saffitz is not pregnant. Her pregnancy has not been reported by any reliable source and she has not yet addressed the rumors claiming that she is pregnant. According to Venture Jolt, the star is not planning to welcome a baby anytime soon. The culinary artist known for her series Gourmet Makes on YouTube is winning hearts all across the globe and her career is her # number 1 priority for now.

We have conducted thorough research via her social media accounts and other credible sources and there is no evidence stating that Claire Saffitz is pregnant. Moreover, if the star was pregnant and in favor of sharing the joy with her fans, she would have announced so on her social media. So, let’s respect her privacy.

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Who Is Claire Saffitz Married To?

is claire saffitz pregnant

Claire Saffitz is married to Harris Mayer Selinger, who is her long-time lover. The love birds exchanged vows on September 8, 2020. The wedding was an intimate event planned with close friends and family.

The two stood hand in hand by each other’s side, making Claire’s fans go gaga over the chemistry between the couple. It is only after her lovely marriage that the rumors regarding Claire Saffitz’s pregnancy have never left the internet. Let’s hope the best for the couple and wait for them to expand their family if they decide to do so shortly.