Is Clare Polkinghorne Gay? Meet Her Partner Elyse Nayler

Is Clare Polkinghorne Gay? Clare Polkinghorne is a top football player from Australia who has captured hearts all over the world. She joined Brisbane Roar in December 2020 and has been a star of the club ever since.

Apart from her professional achievements, are you eager to know more about her personal life? So, are we! There has been a recent upsurge in curiosity pertaining to the sexual orientation of football stars.

keep reading the article to uncover the sexual identity of Clare Polkinghorne. Is Clare Polkinghorne gay or is it another rumor?

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Is Clare Polkinghorne Gay?

is clare polkinghorne gay

Yes, Clare Polinghorne is gay. She confirmed her relationship with a fellow football player from another team on her Instagram account. Fans were left simply over the snippets of the lovely couple.

The talented player who has previously participated in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 as well as 2007, has openly supported the LGBTQ+ community and has recently opened up about being a part of the community herself.

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Clare Polkinghorne Partner

is clare polkinghorne gay

Clare Polkinghorne is currently in a romantic relationship with Elyse Nayler. The couple has been in a healthy relationship for a long time now. They openly announced their relationship to the public by embracing each other, making us feel super-single 🙁

Elyse Nayler is a professional goalkeeper from New Zealand. The love story of Clare and Elyse has proved that love sees nothing. The two, although both on opposite teams, support each other and respect each other’s gameplay.