Is Cody Christian Gay? Leaked Explicit Private Videos of Actor Sparks Speculations!

American actor Cody Christian is  known for his roles as Mike Montgomery on the ABC Family/Freeform show Pretty Little Liars and as Theo Raeken on the MTV show Teen Wolf’s fifth and sixth seasons.

He has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award, among other things. After playing a gay character on the TV series Pretty Little Liars, the actor has been the subject of rumors about his sexual orientation.

Then, is Cody Christian gay? Or are these reports just not true? Let’s not waste time and jump right into the article to find out the truth about Cody Christian’s sexuality.

Is Cody Christian Gay?

is cody christian gay

No, Cody Christian is not gay. Cody Christian  known for his role in the series Pretty Little Liars, has been subject to rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

It is important to clarify that these rumors are based on misconceptions. Cody portrayed a gay character in Pretty Little Liars, which may have led some to assume that he is gay in real life.

Additionally, private videos of Cody got viral which was actually filmed for his show “Teen Wolf” but his social media account got hacked and the hacker posted it on his account.

After recovering his account Cody thanked his followers for their supports according to E! News , this incident further contributing to the speculation. However, it is crucial to separate an actor’s on-screen portrayal from their personal life.

In reality, Cody has been involved in relationships with women, which serves as ample evidence that he identifies as straight. It is essential to respect an individual’s privacy and not make assumptions based solely on their work or rumors.

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Who Is Cody Christian Dating?

is cody christian gay

Cody Christian is not dating anyone as of 2023 according to DatingCelebs. But in the past Cody has dated Talia Maxine, who was his fitness teacher. Even so, they talked all over the place and are seen in different situations. In August 2015, this sweet couple went on vacation to Disneyland.

In April 2016, they were no longer together. So far, they haven’t said why they’re no longer together. Then, in 2018, Talia Maxine got married.

Cody was busy with work on True Blood when Talia got married. There, he was playing with Bella in a scene where they were kissing, and people started talking about them. In real life, they were not much closer to each other.

Cody, Christian, and Bella kept quiet about what they thought about this. Cody, on the other hand, had a good time with his family.

After the rumor, Cody went back out on dates. He dated model Alexandra Swift in 2017. At first, they tried to keep their relationship quiet, but they didn’t avoid their friends and followers.

Fans kept their secrets up to date on social media. On International Kissing Day, they posted a picture of themselves kissing as an offer to Miami on their Twitter account.

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They were last seen together on 15 April 2021 when Alexandra wished happy birthday to Cody Christian in a sweet Instagram post, since then there is no update on their relationship status as they are not seen on each other social media accounts.